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Keira Knightley for Vogue UK January 2011

Keira Knightley is the cover girl for next month's issue of Vogue UK, and I am in love with this photoshoot. Below is the cover as well as four the the editorial shots from the inside of the magazine.

First of all, I love the dress that Keira is wearing on the cover. But more interestingly, when I think of Keira's style, I usually think of a smokey eye with a nude lip, so I really like that for this editorial, the stylist went with a really bold red lip.

One of the recurring motifs of this shoot is polka dots. I like that most of the dresses are actually very simple and modest. The interest here comes from the patterns and colors of the fabric, the accessories, and Keira's dramatic makeup. It's a really visually interesting approach, in my opinion

This is my favorite picture from the whole shoot. Keira looks fantastic in it, and I just adore the contrast of the brown dress with that vivid blue belt.

I absolutely love the composition of this photo. That the curve of the branch in the vase to the right just adds the right counterpoint to the grid like door to the left.

Another feature of this editorial that I really liked was the funky and chunky rings and bangles. I'm not much of a ring person, myself, but I just thought that they added a fun vibe to the photos. I hope you enjoyed this editorial as much as I did!


the Citizen Rosebud said...

These pics are gorgeous. Wish I had a UK Vogue subscription. Thanks for posting! -Bella Q

Heidi said...

Keira is such a beautiful actress and she is stunning in these photos!

jamie-lee said...

goodness she looks beautiful! she is such a classic beauty x


simplecupoftea said...

Such a gorgeous shoot. I think that January Vogue will be on my list :)

leffetdepapillon said...

Thanks for posting this! The shot is gorgeous and I like how it's a different look for her. My fav is the cover shot and that red flower necklace....


Casee Marie said...

I will definitely be trolling eBay for a copy of this issue. I love Keira and she looks amazing here! I usually think of the smokey eye and nude lip look for her, too, so this make-up is really a fun and exciting twist. And dramatic! I love how artistically she can wear make-up. They took two very prominent trends and made them look like something entirely new and revolutionary. I love the brown dress/blue belt shot, too. With the green necklace and then the pop of red again in the lips, it's got so much going on. Love it!


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