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Let it Ring!

I've always loved fashionable rings that make a statement. However I hadn't invested in them until recently when I finally took the time to try some on at Forever 21 (of course). I do admit I felt a little awkward purchasing these over-sized rings that are obviously larger than my wedding ring (which I consider my ultimate bling). I resolved the situation by deciding that I would wear these larger rings on my right hand! It just feels weird to wear something so huge and cheap next to my sparkly!

This gold and black ring I found about a month ago. I fell in love with the comfortable elastic band and the uniqueness of the black gems wrapped in fine chains. It's super fun to wear and I've received quite a few compliments while wearing it. Every time I look at it I think of gold mines!

Now yesterday I went a little crazy. I purchased 3 of the 5 different colored flower rings they had. I've seen many people with rings like these before and have wanted one every single time. I am slightly obsessed with their appearance. I love how they look like those chocolate molds people make (which always end up looking like wax figures or something). These beauties are so simple and perfect and when I saw they were only $1.50 each I snatched them up real quick! Buy one or two yourself here!

I enjoy wearing large rings and other jewelry when I'm out but I'm quick to remove them when I get home. I like to feel relaxed and free. How about you? Do you like large rings?


Sweet said...

aren't they perfect??? those oversized rings are just amazing hahahah!!! love it!!!


Missy said...

these are fab.

Last day to enter my Christmas giveaway!

Gwen Stewart said...

nice rings perfect fit for my collection of my mens overcoats

modern viking vixen said...

those rings are perfect!



Casee Marie said...

I love statement rings! These are adorable. I love the black one. And I completely agree with you, I'm not one for wearing jewelry around the house. It's impossible for me to wear rings while I'm on the computer, especially.

Stefany said...

I've recently invested in large rings too! I love them. It's so hard to put them on with winter attacking full force, but I try to wear them as often as possible.

Anna Liesemeyer said...

I am with you....looove big rings but i wear them on my right hand:D

Cannot beat 1.50! So cute!

Britta Kirk said...



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