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Painting the Roses Red

Painting the roses red
We're painting the roses red
We dare not stop
Or waste a drop
So let the paint be spread
We're painting the roses red
We're painting the roses red

What I'm wearing...

Jacket from Forever 21
(New!) Sunglasses from Cotton On
(New!) Headband from Kohl's
(New!) Rose Necklace from JCPenney
(New!) Silver Ring from Forever 21
(New!) Embroidered Top from Cotton On
(New!) Skinny Jeans from Target
Boots from Target

I love roses and the color red and often wish I had more of it in my closet. I feel like it's one of those colors that really compliments my face because of my pale skin and darker features. It's good to be aware of which colors really make your face pop and which don't. Try some pieces on from your closet and make note of the colors you feel brighten your face (remember, your hair is part of your face!). Bring the list with you next time you shop and try to pick out more clothes in that color!

Anyhow, the gorgeous neklace I'm wearing was one of my gifts for Christmas from my family. I already love wearing it! It reminds me of Beauty and the Beast and Alice in Wonderland. Do I really relate things to Disney that much?

Cotton On is a new place that I discovered in my local mall. They have very affordable prices and everything is made from cotton! They were having a sale when I went there the other day and I picked up the glasses for $7 and the top for $5! Aren't bargains just one of the best things ever?

My jacket you've seen before, but I failed to show you the hot pink lining. Isn't it fantastic? The lining seems to receive more compliments than the jacket itself. It really is the perfect feature!

Hope you all have such a lovely weekend!


Casee Marie said...

Oh, how cute are you? I love this look. I'm crazy about those sunnies! And the boots, of course. I don't shop Target's shoe section very much but whenever I peak there's always some adorable things. I saw a pair of leopard print kitten heel pumps the last time I was there - I totally would have snapped them up if I hadn't already bought the Michael Antonio flats on Beyond the Rack. That might be more leopard print than I need in my closet. Haha.

Kirstin from Crimson Rosella shops at Cotton On. I think that was the first time I'd heard of it. Sadly we don't have any stores out here, but I'm enjoying looking through the catalogs on their site!

Francesca said...

beautiful ring. nothing i own is red haha i must change that :P

F. (opinionslave.blogspot.com) x

Heidi said...

Very cute outfit! Love the blouse. I just heard of Cotton On. We don't have a store here. Do you know if they sell online?
Love the boots too! :)

liz said...

I love the lining! I try to be aware of flattering colors too, I like bright oranges and stay away from bright greens!

Sweet said...

oh looking so cute and fashionable Jen...I so love the necklace with your boots and your jacket sets the outfit as well...


Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com said...

Adorable. I LOVE the shirt, ring, and necklace :)


I love Disney and that necklace! You look darling. Thanks for the tips on shopping for the right colors :)


mode. said...

love the surprise pink on the inside of the coat and necklace! great outfit... keep it up.
<3 mode.

Leia said...

Sadly the photos aren't showing up for me! :( I love roses too, though!


Missy said...

wow fab pics! i'm always amazed at how beautiful you are x

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Delance Fashion said...

You always look so gorgeous! :D Love all the jewellery <3

Heather said...

I love when the linings of jackets are a surprising shade of color.
xoxo Heather http://behindthelashes.com


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