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Anthropologie Fever

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Anthropologie is a chain of retail stores that sells women's clothing and accessories as well as home furnishings and decorative items. Their products are overall very earthy and you'll find many pieces that scream romantic and bohemian. Every time I walk into their store or look through one of their magazines I feel as if I'm in a different world. It's an incredible experience.

Their first store opened in Wayne, Pennsylvania in 1992 and since then they have expanded greatly with over 135 stores in the US. They are indeed rather pricey, but you can find many items under $100. Even if you can't afford to purchase anything it's very enjoyable and inspiring to look through their products. You can also find similiar items at places like Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters for cheaper. Here are some (or way too many) pieces that I've added to my Wishpot...

Sugared Lace Necklace - $198.00

Warp Whirl Cuff - $28.00

Doyle's Desk Tunic - $98.00

Wrapped Asters Cardi - $78.00

Iced Rain Necklace - $78.00

Kimono Wing Blouse - $128.00

Femme Trench Jacket - $188.00

Grandmother's Patchwork Bracelet - $128.00

Jeweled Raindrops Earrings - $198.00

Whispering Forest Maxi Dress - $138.00

Be sure to visit Anthropologie, request a free catalog and browse through their products. I'm obsessed with so many things including their jewelry, chandeliers and mirrors. How about you?

- Jenmarie


Casee Marie said...

You already know I love Anthropologie. The nature-infused theme behind everything they create is so gorgeous! Everything you picked out is beautiful, especially the patchwork bracelet. So much of their jewelry has a really unique, organic shape. Just lovely!

Heather said...

Trench is HOT.

Heidi said...

Anthropologie creates such gorgeous clothing! Love the maxi dress. :)

Gabrielle said...

I love Anthroplogie! It's just too much for me. :) I have to say though, that Wrapped Asters Cardi with the scallop detailing is so cute!


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