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Friday Fame: Sarah Jessica Parker

Friday Fame

"If you're a nice person and you work hard, you get to go shopping at Barneys.
It's the decadent reward."

Perhaps the ultimate celebrity fashionista, Sarah Jessica Parker is at once effortlessly cool and undeniably chic. And she's also completely adorable! She has such an effervescent personality, so bubbly and kind in her interviews. I think it's just impossible not to love her. When it comes to fashion, she's been incredibly active alongside her acting career. She has been the face of countless high fashion brands and perfumes as well as a spokesperson for budget-friendly brands like Garnier. Her collaboration with Gap was a very big deal years ago, and she's also a successful perfumer with her collection of fragrances. She has been a guest judge on Project Runway and even designed her own fashion line, Bitten, for Steve & Barry's. As if that list of accomplishments wasn't enough (never mind her Emmys, SAGs, Golden Globes, etc.) she's now taken on the task of designing for Halston Heritage.

Aside from being active in the fashion industry she's also something of a fan, too. She's a regular at Oscar de la Renta, Diane von Furstenberg and others; and you can find many a snapshot where she's seated front row with the ultimate fashion diva, Anna Wintour. Sarah's personal style is charming and always a bit unique. She's fearless in the face of fashion, though she keeps everything toned down much in the way her personality is: demure, but never boring.

A little quirk, and something I adore about her, is the way she always plays with her gown on the red carpet. If you look through pictures of her at various events you'll see what I mean. She likes to twirl, she likes to pick up the dress and move it around. You can tell that she geniunely appreciates what she's wearing and wants to show off the dress more than she cares to be photographed herself. So cute!

I also love Sarah's unique beauty; she has a very distinct look and she owns it. It's easy for all of us - especially, I think, women in such public careers as hers - to feel pressured to achieve one specific ideal, but Sarah has never felt the need to alter herself to fit into anyone else's specifications. She's always true to herself, and I think she's a great example of inner beauty shining outwardly.

- Casee Marie


Closet Fashionista said...

She is so gorgeous! I love that first photo :D

diane @ a spot of whimsy said...

wonderful photos of SJP! i wear her "lovely" fragrance every day so i'm definitely a fan :)

asequindressatbreakfast said...

how could you not adore her?

in response to your comment on my post today-the mcdonalds shamrock shake is vanilla-minty! i am not typically a mint fan at all-but this is heaven in a plastic cup! promise me you'll get one this weekend and let me know if you love it!


Reyna @fashionmist♥ said...

I love her and her style! xx

Heidi said...

Lovely photos! She definitely is a beautiful woman!

Some Style... said...

oh, adorable! love her! and still waiting for my reward shopping! haha xoxo


Heather said...

She's always so stunning. Love her.

Please stop by and enter my little giveaway girls! xoxo

Gabrielle said...

I love SJP! I even love her during her 80s films: Footloose and Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. lol

Anna of IHOD said...

Can you imagine getting to wear some of those dresses? ahh....
Excited she is working on a new line!

Tasha said...

SJP has such an amazing fashion sense!


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