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Big Bag, Little Bag

I enjoy carrying around large bags because I know I can fit everything from my keys to my camera inside. But sometimes my shoulder just needs a break especially if I'm going to be out all day. I wasn't fond of smaller bags until some really cute styles started making their way into the fashion world. I decided I would try it and although I couldn't fit my planner inside it was a much lighter load to carry which left my shoulder completely relieved.

I'm not sure if you can tell the difference in the size of my two bags above but the right one is much bigger than the bag on the left. I think because it's not full it kind of just flops to the sides. Lately I've been wearing the smaller bag on my arm rather than my shoulder, something I never thought I'd be able to do! That is how light it is!

So how did I make the transition from using a big bag to a little bag? That's exactly what I'm going to share with you. It's time to prioritize!

Make-up Bag

As you can see, I carry a lot in my make-up bag. At least a couple of lip glosses, a lipstick, chapstick, concealer, different eyeliners, mascara, an eyelash curler, blotting sheets, bobby pins, a mirror and who knows what else. I think many of these items come in handy, but do I really need all of them with me every single day?

If the make-up bag fits in your new and smaller bag, then it's no problem. However, I don't think any woman needs 3 eyeliners, 2 lip glosses and a lipstick, and 2 mascaras in her bag! Maybe I'm crazy but I guess I like options?

Alternative: Set aside the make-up bag and just take with you whatever you absolutely need/want to carry. I decided on: Sephora lip gloss, Tarte concealer, Tarte eraser, a mirror, Maybelline The Falsies Mascara, Burt's Bees chapstick, e.l.f. blotting sheets, a hair tie and a couple of bobby pins. I suppose I could also add the nail file and band aid since they are small and good items to have on you in case of an emergency.

I challenge you to go through your make-up bag and only take with you what you absolutely need/want. The few items that you choose can easily fit into a pocket inside your new bag, or even a smaller make-up bag.


Wallets are capable of getting full real fast. Mine almost always contains photos, all kinds of cards, change, probably a few dollars (I don't usually carry cash), notes, my usb drive and some other random things. There have been days where I've watched it expand like muffins baking in the oven! That's a sign you have too many receipts, business cards and the like inside!

Alternative: Take something like a coin purse and put inside your driver's license, debit card and other necessary cards inside. If you need to carry cash or change those will fit inside as well. Using a coin purse will help you to take care of your receipts or anything else you place inside when you get home since it's real small.


If you have way too many keys like me and you know you won't need them wherever you're going for the day than why carry them all? After I went through each of my keys I decided on my home and car keys and my cute Darth Vader lego key chain to hold them. So simple!

Items I DO keep in my bag

These are the things that are randomly placed inside my bag: A small packet of Shout Wipes (Easily removes stains), GNC vitamin container (For vitamins and ibuprofen), Extra sugarless gum, Sweet Pea body mist (This was in my make-up bag before), Star Wars pen, Index Card (Just in case I need to write something down since my planner won't fit. You could also carry a mini notepad), Sunglasses/Case and Twilight Woods anti-bacterial hand gel. My cell phone would also be included in this list but silly me forgot to add it with the rest of the items.

Items I DON'T keep in my bag

Unfortunately when I use a smaller bag my planner, camera and water bottle won't fit. I'll often bring a small tote to bring those in and leave them in the car just in case, but sometimes my camera and planner have to stay at home.

I hope this helped to inspire you to prioritze what you carry so that you can use your small and adorable bag! I also believe that prioritizing even when you're using a bigger bag will definitely help make your shoulder happy!

Share with us how you're going to lighten your bag!

P.S. Still unable to use my computer, therefore all photos are completely undedited. Sorry for the ugliness.



Michelle said...

I'm forever using oversized bags, even if I'm not carrying much around. To lighten my bag, I swap my purse over in favour of a smaller one, and don't carry a make-up bag, just taking my lipstick and compact mirror with me (: xxx

Reyna @fashionmist♥ said...

This is a great post! I'm a fan of oversize purses, but my sisters both like small bags. All of our purses are cute, so I guess it doesn't really matter! There are a lot of different styles of bags to choose from, which is amazing! xx

mary louise said...

this is all amazing :)
i really love the white (or is it tan?) bag on top. really cool design.


Heidi said...

Oh my, you carry more than me! LOL
I carry just my wallet, check book, keys, cell phone and the lipgloss/lipstick of the day. haha

I use to carry a lot but then realized I don't really use all that was in there so I cut down. It is much easier, especially on my shoulders/back.

Kim said...

oh i lovee seeing what's inside peoples' bags! what a great post, thanks for sharing!


BeautyParler said...

I love that cream coloured bag. I find I don't carry that much makeup in my bag just tons of glosses.

Irina said...

this post is great! thank you for your comments! i'm always so happy to know what you think!

Anna of IHOD said...

I am the same. Big bags with mini pouches to organize everything inside! I even have a mini wallet for receipts! Although, I have one too many lip glosses in my purse....at least three! he he

Tasha said...

What a creative and fun post! Very helpful! I usually tend to carry large bags, because I always feel like I need so much with me at all times! lol

But sometimes it does weigh heavily on my shoulders!

Delance Fashion said...

So cool to see what's in your bag! I always have a huge bag with me too :) Makeup, perfume, snacks, water, camera and much more ^_^


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