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Friday Fame: Eva Green

Although a French actress by birth I think it's safe to say that Eva Green may be best known for her roles in American films, particularly Kingdom of Heaven and Casino Royale, the latter of which earned her a BAFTA. As strong, edgy and passionate as the characters she plays, Eva makes for a pretty unforgettable personality and she has a style to match! She always maintains a very complete look, showing a clear appreciation for the little details. That might be the thing about her style that strikes me the most; it's so easy for us to forget the little things that sets our style apart from everyone else, but Eva holds on to that.

Here are a few of my favorite looks she's worn to various events throughout the last few years…

How cool is that jacket? I love the way the boots make a statement too, rather than the more expectant choice of tall, skinny ones. All-black can be difficult, I think, and it takes a bit of strategy to keep it from looking too drab. She makes all-black look chic, but also gives it a great deal of character. Love that. (And really, I want that jacket.)

Her choices of gowns are always exciting because she's not afraid of color, print and texture. It really makes her stand out from other actresses at events, and it's always great to see something a little different. So often I feel like we hear about a key color on the red carpet and then sure enough all the biggest names are competing in the exact same tone at the event. Where's the fun in that? I love her in this Alexander McQueen and the way the colors work with her complexion.

I don’t think everyone could pull off this dress, but I love how it suits her overall look. It's dramatic but dreamy, dark but somehow quite romantic too. I think it would have looked quite pretty if she put her hair up, which is funny because most of the time I think her hair is quite intricately set. I love that she does more than just one style with her hair and even when it’s down she'll have every wave in place. She looks like a doll, but in a rather unexpected way.

What do you think of Eva's style? Are there any particular looks you’ve seen from her in the past that you love?

Thanks to Eva Green Web for the pics.

- Casee Marie


mary louise said...

she is stunningly gorgeous


Heidi said...

Her gowns are gorgeous and she looks stunning in them! She is definitely a fashionista. :)

Sweet said...

she did an amazing job with that dress on her last photo..she looks so beautiful and sexy!!!!


Bere Parra said...

Excellent post, I loved it! Eva Green has been on my 'girl-crush' list for a long time now. I am in love with her style, she is never afraid of taking chances with color, textures and prints, like you say. She can pull off looks that most people would look hedious in. She is very feminine but also very strong. I think a woman like her was what Alexander McQueen had in mind when he said that he wanted people to be 'afraid' of the women who wore his clothes. She is such an incredible personality with unique style. Thanks for writing about her!

Fashion Tales.... said...

I love that jacket with the lantern sleeves! Yes, she has great style, and almost as if she doesn't need to think about it. Good post! -xxoo


Anonymous said...

She looks quite edgy yet not over the top and somehow balances her look off with just the right touch of girlishness.


Twitter - @ishrattrishna

Clazzerati said...

She is very beautiful, with a sense of intrigue about her. Tough yet feminine. x

Jenmarie said...

In the last Friday Frame I did I was trying to choose between Anne and Eva. Isn't that funny?

I LOVE her in Casino Royale and I'm actually slightly obsessed with the relationship between her and Bond. Have you seen it?

Her eyes are so intense and I think they are what makes everyone interested. You can't help but wonder what she's thinking.

I've seen her in the red Alexander McQueen before and loved it! She looks so royal.

Lovely post!

Anonymous said...

She is freaking beautiful!Love her style as well!


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