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Loose Fitted Tops = Happiness

What I'm wearing...

(New!) Green Top from Cotton On
Long & Lean Green Tank from Target
Black Jeans from Target
Black Boots from Target
Pearl Necklace from Forever 21

I can't help but feel cheerful whenever I wear this top from Cotton On, one of my new favorite places. You can find a lot of tops like these just about anywhere you shop. They are short in the front and longer in the back with a real loose fit which makes for lots of flowy fun, especially on windy days. If you decide to get one please do me a favor and wear a tank or other fitted top underneath it. Showing your belly to the world is not very chic.

As I stated above you can find these tops at many places like Forever 21, H&M, or even Threadsence. Here's one that is similiar to the one I have...

Ivy Green Academia Dolman Top - $34.00

Even though my top has fitted sleeves and more of an 80's feel with the off-the-shoulder feature, I'm most definitely a fan of a more modern version along with large and loose fitted sleeves. These are absolutely so comfortable!

Do you like these tops? What's your favorite thing about them and what would you wear it with?

Oh and may I apologize for two things? 1) The tape on the stairs. I didn't even notice it. They are currently painting our apartment complex. 2) Unedited photos. I've been unable to get onto my computer where Photoshop has been sadly missing me.

- Jenmarie


mary louise said...

agreed. i love loose tops. and your hair is gorgeous.


Beautifully Invisible said...

LOVE this top - I think I need it.

You look wonderful, and your hair is looking especially gorgeous. So so pretty!

Closet Fashionista said...

I love those boots!! :D

Tree @ Harvester Products said...
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Tree @ Harvester Products said...

Wow! Your hair looks so GORGEOUS in these pics! I think I have to steal it. HeeHee ;)

I love that top on you, too!

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Casee Marie said...

I see you reading InStyle! You're so cute.

I love the color of that top and how the necklace matches so well! And your hair and make-up compliment it so well. What lipstick are you wearing? It's so pretty.

Dolman tops are my favorites, although I don't have any long-sleeved ones. I got a black-and-white short-sleeved one from People's Liberation last year and it's one of my favorite tops. Oh, and of course the black-and-gray striped one I showed in my outfit post when I was snowed in. I want a long-sleeved one for cooler days - love the one you found on Threadsense!

Shayne said...

cute outfit

Heidi said...

Love the outfit! Loose fitting tops are great on days when you go out and eat at a buffet-haha...
anyways, love them! :)

Sweet said...

wow the top is really stylish I love loose tops ike this...not only I can mix and match certain items but yes baby I can eat whatever I want without getting to anxious with my belly...

I love the curls dear



Love your top, Jenmarie! Casual can be chic...you totally proved that here. And wow, what a gorgeous head of hair you have!

Thanks for commenting over at G&G!


Lynzy said...

I love your top, it looks so comfortable and flows perfectly!

chichichic.wordpress.com said...

awesome blouse! love loose fitting tops like that, perfect for casual fridays and loungey weekends!

Heather said...

Love it. I wear a tanks from Target almost everyday. I'm only 5ft so shirts tend to scoop lower then normal and they help to not show off to much lol
xoxo behindthelashes.com

Anonymous said...

i love it!love the fact that the sleeves are fitted (so to avoid looking like a baggy bag of material :P)

i might sneak into the local cotton on in my place...;P

Anonymous said...

Isn't it nice to have a top that makes you feel good?!

This one should make you feel good! :) Cuz you look pretty!


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