This Lace Dress

Black Lace Dress from Target, Black Heels from Payless, Necklace from Especially For You, XOXO Bag from DD's Discounts.

One thing I do like about warmer weather is delighting myself in skirts and dresses. It's pieces like these that make me feel graceful, feminine and free! Yesterday I wore this beautiful lace dress (the photos do not do it justice!) that I received from my family for my Birthday to an interview I had at Ann Taylor LOFT. Some of you might have seen my Tweet where I briefly stated how I got to style outfits as part of my interview. I was so excited as I walked through the store creating two outfits for a weekend getaway and one for a fancy dinner. How much would I love the thrill of styling customers? So much! Besides that, everyone there is very nice and the clothing is of such fine quality. They have everything from floral tops and dresses to 70's inspired trousers. They're obviously up-to-date with the latest fashion trends. It would be such an amazing experience to work there!

While I love the simplicity of this look I'm also anxious to style this dress in different ways. I can wear a myriad of different shoes and necklaces and layering with a blazer or cardigan would also be very cute. If you're interested in a lace dress yourself here are a few to get you inspired.

Love for All Times Lace Dress
Ruche - $65.00

Raschel Knit Lace Dress
Forever 21 - $24.80

From Above Lace One Shoulder Dress
Threadsence - $40.00
(Also available in black)

On a completely different note I was able to edit and play with my photos in this post. No, my computer is not fixed yet but I found this nifty little website called Picnik which is a place for online photo editing. You can do simple things like rotating, resizing, adjusting the brightness and contrast and there's also some fun special effects. It's definitely useful!

Do you have a lace dress that you love? Tell us about it and feel free to share it with us on our Facebook!



  1. That dress is so sweet. I can't wait to see all the ways you're going to style it in the future! And I keep laughing at the image of you running around the store in a bevy of delight putting outfits together. You're so cute!

    I'm loving the one shoulder dress from Threadsense! If it were in black I might have to get it. (:

  2. I cannot believe the beautiful Threadsense dress is only $40 bucks, that alone is worth it! I love lace.

  3. Such an adorable dress- you look pretty! I hope you get the job at Ann Taylor! :)


  5. SO pretty!!!!!! and I love that second lace dress you posted :D
    and good luck with the job, I hope you get it! :D

  6. You look divine and I'm seriously loving that F21 number!

  7. You look divine SImply lovely!!!! Will be following!