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The Fairest of them All: Musings on Inner Beauty

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One aspect of style that Jenmarie and I both hold in the highest regard is that of inner beauty: confidence not just in how we look but in our opinions, choices and even our emotions. I'll admit that when I first started blogging here at SHE – and even now, over a year later – I struggled with finding confidence in the way I look, but I have learned that our self-esteem is a work in progress and believing in our own abilities is a big step toward feeling confident in every quality of our selves. So while I may not be vivaciously secure, I know I'm traipsing the stepping stones to self-confidence with some pretty sure footing. And I think I owe a lot of that to blogging. Part of the beauty of blogging is getting to learn these little lessons in self-worth from other bloggers. Before SHE I didn't really think I could be a fashion blogger: I thought they were all skinny girls of Amazonian height with oodles of money to spend on designer swag. But the reality I soon found is that fashion bloggers come in all shapes and sizes, all genders and ethnicities, and from all ends of the budget spectrum. It's not about what you look like, it's about fashion and how you interpret it into your own beautifully unique style.

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I think people tend to forget that style is more than fashion, too. Style is the result of how all the facets of our inner beauty come together and sometimes it's even about how they're projected to the rest of the world. Consider all your interests – all your hobbies, your specific taste in movies and music – all of that is a part of your style. That's when I say someone is truly stylish, when they've paid that special attention to all the beautiful little things that make them who they really are and they know exactly what the result is. Discovering where your interests are, for yourself and not because they’re popular or cool, and looking at yourself honestly establishes a security in itself. From there, growing and exploring and testing the waters of your newfound inner beauty creates experiences that help you better understand your own style.

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So to all you other bloggers, how has blogging helped to raise your confidence and illuminate your inner beauty? And to those of you reading who don't blog, are there any special things you do to help maintain your perspective and raise your self-confidence? Talk to me about fabulously original you!

- Casee Marie


Jenmarie said...

Oh, I love this Casee! It's funny because I don't think either of us knew how blogging would eventually build up our self-esteem, you know? It sort of just happened.

The part where you talked about how style expresses who we are. I don't know if it's how you described how it works but while reading it I think I discovered something about an aspect of my style that I never knew. Hmm, I have to ponder on this thought and write you about it later!

Bere Parra said...

BRILLIANT! I concur w/Jenmarie about how most of us weren't initially aware of how much blogging could help in improving our self-appreciation. I never thought it would give me a clearer sense of who I am and that I would meet the excellent people I've met, yet it's evident that both things have provided me with much needed self-assurance.
I couldn't agree more with each of your lines on this post. Fashion blogging is often labeled by others as shallow or repetitive, yet when it's done right it's entirely the opposite. It's a medium in which each of us can shine and spread love not only for what we think is beautiful, but also for the beauty each person finds in us, and viceversa.

Tasha said...

What a lovely post topic! I think it's important to make it a point to talk about how important inner beauty is, that's what makes me really drawn to other bloggers on here. The ones with inner beauty are the ones I find such good friendships with!

It's also a good thing to remind ourselves of our own inner beauty, I have my good and bad days with that.

Anna of IHOD said...

Casee, these are such good points to reflect on! Confidence is a work in progress but its so important to build...it makes life more exciting, fun, and easy to deal with:)
Thanks for the reminder!!

Heidi said...

Great post! Blogging definitely has improved my self confidence. Especially since I started blogging right after my weight loss. That combination really helped. Also my writing has definitely improved. Because of that I have been given so many wonderful opportunities.

Thanks for sharing such a wonderful thought out post! :)

Closet Fashionista said...

Oh wow those are so fun!!! The first is my favorite :)
And yes, you don't have to be tall and skinny and rich to be a fashion blogger, some of my favorite bloggers arent :D

Kallie, Happy Honey and Lark said...

These are so beautiful, thanks for sharing them

Stevia said...

what a beautiful post
I do believe that our confidence is a work in progress!!
I feel that my confidence always grew or drawback but it is always something you need to work on!


Anonymous said...

I could not agree more. Blogging for the last one year has helped me grow as a person in ways that I never would have thought possible. Coming from a conservative south asian country I had a completely different idea of western fashion and one I was not comfortable with. I thought in the west, to be fashionable/ stylish you've got to show a lot of skin, wear tight clothes, sky high heels and in short look like a man catcher as portrayed in popular media.

It is through blogging I discovered that to look beautiful or stylish one need not necessarily show any skin at all, that it is perfectly alright, even commendable that one dresses for only herself and not to please men and it is actually wonderful to cultivate and celebrate your own style rather than trying to fit into a cookie cutter mould.

So all thanks to blogging, without it, I might not have been the I person I am now.


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