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Friday Fame: Penelope Cruz

"You cannot live your life looking at yourself from someone else’s point of view."

I chose the lovely Penelope Cruz for this week's Friday Fame because she's always been someone whose style I truly admire. I can't put a number the amount of her films I've seen and I can't even explain where my love for her style began; it's just always been there. Have you ever felt that way about a celebrity's style? She's a constant favorite of mine on the red carpet, I think because she always maintains this very complete look, from hair to make-up to accessories. She fuses her own inner style with her outward appearance in a way that shows her confidence, originality and spirit.

This was a look from 2005 that struck me because you don't very often see her experimenting with color as often anymore (maybe another reason why her style resonates with me: we both go for the monochromatic). I love everything about this, though. The lipstick and hair recall a vintage, old Hollywood sort of glamour that gives the dress some direction. The dress itself is unexpected and somewhat refreshing; overall I love the originality she went for here.

Penelope's make-up always inspires me. She can wear nude, earthy shades or bold pops of color so well. One of my favorite red lipsticks was one that she designed for Revlon quite a few years ago. Her hair, too, whether it's up or down always looks very set and finished - not to mention gorgeous!

I couldn't resist sharing this one, too, which you've probably already seen in magazines or elsewhere online. She posed opposite Oscar-winning actor Jeff Bridges in a promotional shot for Disney Parks, photographed by Annie Leibovitz as part of the series she's created over the last few years. This one was, of course, in the theme of Beauty and the Beast. Belle was always my favorite Disney princess and I think she was the perfect choice to portray her!

What do you think of Penelope's style? We'd love to hear any recommendations of which fabulous ladies you'd like to see us feature on Friday Fame as well!

- Casee Marie


Jenmarie said...

You're right, Penelope usually does look very elegant on the red carpet. I only recently saw the Disney photograph I think last week? I really love it along with all the others that Annie shot but most of the actors don't fit the part to me. I'm such a huge Disney fan and so I guess I'm a little picky.

Sweet said...

I couldn't say anything bad about her...I began to love her in Woman on Top the first movie I have watched starring Penelope...and I began to admire her beautiful smile, her accent and gorgeous body...

did you know that my love story began because of her movie??? hhahahaha


Heidi said...

She is a gorgeous lady. One time a women told me that I looked like her, lol. I don't really think so but that was very sweet of her to say.

Great post! :)


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