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Jenmarie's 5 Daily Essentials

The lovely Ms. Pink of The Pink & Blue Blog challenged me in February (sorry for procrastinating!) and a few other bloggers to share five of our daily essentials.

Obviously things like food, showering and sleep are absolutely necessary. Honestly, I can't really have any daily essentials without enough sleep (does that make me old?). Anyhow, as I thought of the many things I could add to my list I somehow managed to decide on five...

Spending time in God's Word
The more I spend time with God, the more my life feels complete. I try to read every day and the days that I miss reading feel incomplete. Reading the Bible is not always easy though, sometimes I have to go back and read through the chapter again to gain a better understanding or to figure out how it applies to me and life today. I usually like to read a couple of chapters from a book like James and then conclude it with a chapter from Psalms. It's best to figure out what works for you, sometimes a set plan makes people feel like it's work and that definitely will interfere with your time with God.

Spending time with Jason
This is probably an obvious essential but I had to add my husband to this list! Our time together is special. It helps to keep us connected and it plays a big part in the growth of our relationship. Jason often has a crazy work schedule and so there will be days where we don't have a lot of time together. We used to complain about it a lot but we've learned to be grateful for the time we do have and to make the most of it even if we only get to be together for an hour. I love my husband!

Blog Reading, Email, Facebook, and Twitter
Every morning I grab some breakfast and sit at my computer and read the latest posts of the blogs I follow, I check my email, and peek at Facebook and Twitter to see what's going on with all my family and friends. There are many other websites that full under my daily visits but these four, I believe, are the essentials.

My Wardrobe
Sure, clothing is sort of obvious (or alot) but I don't feel like I just simply get dressed everyday. Well, besides the occasional lazy day I put thought into what I'm wearing. I am my own stylist and it's such an exciting process. The clothes and accessories I do have express who I am and I love that! Yes, this is a small peek into my closet. Aren't you loving all the colorful layers?

Everything from facewash to a flat iron
Wow. I've clearly been quite predictable with this list haven't I? Everything you see (and more, I'm sure) are necessary things I use every day. I didn't even include my full make-up case because it would've drowned the other items in this shot.

I challenge you to post your 5 Daily Essentials! Be sure to share the link with us if you do decide to post them!

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Heidi said...

The picture of you and your husband is very cute!
One of my daily essentials is my wardrobe too. :)

Closet Fashionista said...

Hehe this is so fun! Yayyy for the essentials!!! :D

makeupandjeans.com said...

My essentials are very similar! :)

Sweet said...

the couple photo is really cute...you look so wonderful together...I think my daily essentials is clothes, blog reading, twitter, and eating hahahaha :D


Casee Marie said...

Aww, this wasn't predictable - mine would have definitely been predictable. And probably a little superficial because I wouldn't have thought about the personal things. I'm sure I would have thought beauty products, hair products, all those silly bits.

Anyway, I love that picture of you and Jason! Too cute. And your closet is so diverse. I love the excitement you have about getting dressed, I wish I had that. My closet, I should send you a picture sometime, is really small and difficult to work in so I tend to just re-wear the same combinations without much thought. Now that the weather has warmed up I have to go through and pack away the wintery things, I'm sure that will help a lot. (:

Tasha said...

Spending time with God and your husband are both so important! :)


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