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Spring Beauty on the Runway

Spring is here! Well, kind of. The snow is officially gone and I can actually see buds on the trees so it's working pretty darn hard to get here in all its glory. Anyway, in the spirit of spring I'm thinking spring beauty: namely my favorite looks and trends in hair and makeup from the runway last fall. Here are my top five picks, and visit Allure for more.

Carolina Herrera
Romantic, striking, understated

The traditional Korean inspiration in the clothes continued into the hair and make-up with strong red eye shadows and nude lips. I love how softly the color fades, creating a smoky look. For the hair barrettes were wrapped with human hair for an intricate look; I love how minimalist and abstract it is!

Bold, vivid, sassy

"Galliano picked which girls would wear which color on the eyes," said makeup artist Pat McGrath. I love this whole "Technicolor Betty Page" vibe, even if you’ll never see me in that much color, like, ever. Bold, summery shades on the eyes and on the lips, that's a pretty big statement; it'll be fun to practice each one, if not at the same time.

Donna Karan
Soft, vintage, luminous

Charlotte Tilbury, makeup artist at Donna Karan, was inspired by sepia toned photographs from the 1930s. I don’t know if all face structures can pull this look off (I doubt I can), but it's a great contrast to the more outrageous, colorful trends for spring. I also loved the pseudo-messy hair and the romantic wisps framing the face.

Marc Jacobs
Glamorous, decadent, modern

Glamour "with a twist", the look at Marc Jacobs was inspired by Angelica Huston and Donna Mitchell circa the '70s. Everything about the hair and makeup (and, yeah, the clothes too) was big, bold and beautiful. The smoky eyes and deep lips bring drama to the extreme, similar in a way to the over-the-top glam at Dior. It's a little much off the runway, but again I love incorporating the looks individually.

Proenza Schouler
Natural, feminine, strong

Makeup artist Diane Kendal said the boys wanted minimal makeup to make the models look strong in order to offset the "more ladylike" feel of the clothes. And talk about minimal: the models wore absolutely no eye makeup! Not even mascara. The emphasis was instead on bone structure and eyebrows. The hair, styled by Paul Hanlon, was made to look like an imperfect, bed-headed French twist.

Were there any beauty trends on the runway last fall that you'll be (or are already) rocking this spring?

All pictures from Allure.com.

- Casee Marie


Heidi said...

Gorgeous make up looks! I wish I was that good at doing my make up- lol. I usually just do a natural look in spring and summer. :)

Ashleigh said...

So much gorgeous inspiration! The strong red eye shadows are rockin', although I'm not too sure I could pull it off...
I also love the Technicolor Betty Page but I'm toning it down by just sticking to a thick blue/teal eyeliner. Call me lame but I just can't do that much color on my face without feeling like a clown ;)

Jenmarie said...

I remember seeing those hair clips made of real hair and thinking they were fantastic! It kind of gives the hair a basket effect if you know what I mean?

I love the bright make-up from Dior but I don't think I would wear the colors on both my eyelids and lips. It doesn't create the best contrast, you know? I guess you never know until you try it though.

anton said...

Something very different and very stylish. I like photography as well. Such wonderful article.

Anonymous said...

ooohhh, I love each look! I will have to try some of these! I may visit this post again. :)

JenRo said...

Love these spring trends! Check out a great editorial with these trends for hair and makeup in FILLER Magazine. So gorgeous!


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