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That Prada Dress

On the runway; Spring/Summer 2011

One of the (many) fun elements in fashion blogging is the insight we get into designer collections on the runway. Of course, you don’t have to be a fashion blogger to livestream Fashion Week online or read the runway reviews on Style.com. I did all of that before I was a blogger, but for me it took on a whole new meaning when SHE began. Suddenly every fashion magazine became a bit more inspiring, every runway show a bit more relevant. I started paying more attention to fashion as an industry and as a part of our daily lives. What's been really interesting to me is how I recognize different pieces from the collections as they make their way into magazines. I'm sure we all do that, right? We'll see a dress in a photoshoot and say, "Oh, that's so-and-so." We remember it from a good seven months ago when we all watched the collections premiere on the runway at Fashion Week. The saturated colors at Gucci, the ethereal beauty at Alexander McQueen; whether specific pieces or the whole collection, sometimes the designs just stay with you. For me, this particular dress from Prada was one of them. I recognized it first on Hailee Steinfeld at the Screen Actors Guild Awards back in the beginning of the year. But for April and May this dress really made the rounds.

Amanda Seyfried; Elle, April 2011

Tina Fey; InStyle, April 2011

Zooey Deschanel; Flare, May 2011

It's a Prada world right now, isn't it? I know dresses occasionally become iconic and everyone wants to wear them, but I don't think I would have really expected it from this one. I do love it, but really, who would've thought? At first I thought it was fun – and I still find it interesting to see how differently it looks on each woman – but then I asked myself...does this really help fashion to evolve, or are we just passing around the same designer pieces and standing still? How cool would it be to see a thrift store find on a cover girl, like Drew Barrymore wore to a film premiere last year? Or an up-and-coming designer? Just something completely unexpected?

So I'd like your thoughts, ladies. Do you like seeing the same dress on multiple celebrities or do you think the world of fashion media needs a lesson in originality?

- Casee Marie


Heidi said...

This dress is very popular it seems. It also looks great on each body shape shown here. Great post! :)

Bere Parra said...

Great question girls! It is a beautiful SS dress, BUT...honestly, if I were a celebrity I would not wear something which has been worn by everybody and their dog o_O hehehe...Of course models don't have a choice, it's their job to wear them for covers, shoots, editorials etc. That being said, I think it speaks very poorly of the imagination and vision of stylists and Fashion editors. Why not try what nobody else is trying? Why not have a different approach? This is not the only gorgeous summer dress by Prada this season, u know.

Jenmarie said...

I have two different thoughts. First, let's be honest. More than one celebrity is going to wear the same dress and that's totally fine. I think it's fun to see such different women in the dress. IF the individual people who worked on the magazine were unaware that the other magazines were shooting a different actress in the same dress than it's not their fault for looking unoriginal. However, if they were aware that that three of them were going to be wearing the same dress I feel like they could've decided on something else. It's a little repetitive to see the same dress in different magazines all so closely together.

Closet Fashionista said...

So true, out of all the Prada dresses this isn't the one I would have thought would be so popular, haha. But it is growing on me the more I see it ;)

Anna of IHOD said...

Wow! you know its seems to be flattering on each of these women, and also worn differently so it doesn't bother me. The dress is amazing.

Sweet said...

everyone is wearing PRADA and that dress spells...awesome!!!

I love the colors and it really connotes spring time...



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