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Friday Fame: Michelle Williams

"All the mistakes, all the good times and bad, have really shaped me and changed me."

I first saw Michelle in the 2005 film The Baxter where she starred opposite Michael Showalter (also the film's writer and director). I thought she was charming, understated, quirky and honest; and a fondness for her sprung instantaneously. The two-time Oscar nominee has seen a lot of success since – and before - The Baxter, from big budget Hollywood films like her most recent Blue Valentine to her early work as a regular cast member on the drama serial Dawson’s Creek. Her upcoming projects are no less varied than her past work: she will be playing Glinda the good witch in Disney's upcoming Oz, the Great and Powerful as well as the iconic Marilyn Monroe for this year's My Week with Marilyn, a film about the time Marilyn spent filming The Prince and the Showgirl with Laurence Olivier (to be played by Kenneth Branagh).

Aside from her striking performances, Michelle also has a gamine beauty and understated style that's just as eye-catching. Here are some of my favorite looks she's rocked in the past...

2009 - Independent Spirit Awards

2010 - Cannes Film Festival

2010 - BFI London Film Festival
(Check out the two-patterned pumps!)

2011 - New York Film Critics Circle Awards

2011 – Costume Institute Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Of her personal style Michelle says her wardrobe boasts, "A lot of trousers, vintage beaded sweaters, with the occasional pink one. Funny T-shirts, a favourite pair of motorcycle boots. My black leather BCBG pants. I feel like a rock star [in them]. I have a lot of ballet slipper-type shoes I got in New York for $6." Proof of how eclectic and adventurous her style is!

-Casee Marie

Thanks to Michelle Williams Online for the pictures used in this post.


Jenmarie said...

I know I've seen her in something but I can't remember what! I love the way her hair was styled at the Cannes Film Festival in 2010! Also, the structure of the dress is so fun. I like those skirts that have that stiffness to them so the shape doesn't drop, you know?

I had no idea they were doing a Prequel to The Wizard of Oz! The cast is very interesting too.

Lovely post, dear!

Anonymous said...

I was ecstatic to hear of the prequel!! I love that casting it's soooo good and I'm really looking forward to her as Marilyn I also think so good.

She is really a talent and I love how she takes fashion risks while maintaining her style. Oh I just love her.

Tasha said...

Michelle Williams is so stunning! I first saw her back in the day when Dawson's Creek was on, I used to love that show! She's one of the few people I think can pull of the short bob so well! I know I could never!

I really love her 2010 Cannes Fesitival look! So gorgeous!

Heidi said...

She always is well dressed and very classy. Though I would like to see her take more risks!
Great post. :)

Marissa said...

I saw her in Boston once walking down the street with Matilda! It was so exciting. I couldn't believe it was them, but then I read she was filming in Boston that day. Also, there's a Michael Showalter movie I haven't seen? That is going on my Netflix list immediately!


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