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Get the Look: Winged Eyeliner

I love the look of winged eyeliner – and apparently so do a lot of people because as I was flipping through my fashion magazines recently I found a handful of cases in which models were rocking it, such as Kate Moss in this advertisement for Dior Addict. To see it working in real-life check out Beyoncé looking gorgeous in a skinnier version; that's a perfect example of how versatile the technique is. In the past I've gone for Kate's serious cat-eye and Beyoncé's sharp wing, but most of the time I like to put my own spin on it and just see what happens.

So I thought I'd share how I do my winged eyeliner look. Mind, this isn't a duplicate tutorial of Kate's advert. I prefer a thicker line with just a bit of an upward tilt most of the time because I feel like it gives me a somewhat wide-eyed look.

Get the look
What I used:
Everyday make-up bits (foundation, powder, eyeshadow primer)
Cover Girl Professional Eye Enhancers eyeshadow in Pink Chiffon
MAC eyeshadow in Coquette (brown)
Urban Decay eyeshadow in Polyester Bride (white)
Urban Decay liquid eyeliner in Oil Slick

I always do my eyeshadow first, for obvious reasons. I used the Cover Girl Pink Chiffon shadow on the lid; it's a very shiny, near-white sort of pink that really brightens up the eye. Then I used MAC in Coquette, a mellow brown, just above the crease. I feel like it gives the look a bit of depth, but it also gives the illusion of slightly bigger eyelids. I finished with the eyeshadow by highlighting the brow bone with Polyester Bride. Then it was time for the eyeliner. For me, there's no special trick or guidelines. What I'll typically do is glide the applicator/brush across the tip of my lash line thinly, and when I reach the outside corner I'll apply a bit more pressure and flick my wrist a bit. That gives a suddenly thicker line and usually ends with a soft wisp of a wing at the tip. Afterward I'll go back to my lashes and create a thicker line, apply a few more little strokes to the wing and just generally shape it how I want it. Very rarely am I happy with just one swipe. That's where it gets to be a matter of how I'm feeling each day. I finished off with mascara, filled in my eyebrows, a dash of reddish blush and red lip gloss. Typically when I do bold winged eyeliner I like to keep the rest of my eye makeup neutral and I love to contrast the black with red lipstick and blush for a bit of a vintage feel.

How do you do winged eyeliner? Or, if you've never done it, do you think you'll be trying it out sometime this summer? Feel free to share your photos on our Facebook page if you do!

- Casee Marie


Heather said...

I do the winged look a lot. I use Smashbox's Liquid Liner pen in black. It's still a liquid but easier to control because if feels like a pencil in your hand.
xoxo behindthelashes.com

Taryn said...

I LOVE Kate's makeup in this ad...it is seriously glamorous. I am a winged eyeliner addict, If I wear eyeliner its gotta be winged.

Oh to Be a Muse said...

i like your version of this look--winged eyeliner is hot!

the Citizen Rosebud said...

I LOVE winged eyeliner. I think everybody can add quick and classic glamour by dolling it up. Your tips are helpful. I can usually do one eye no prob but struggle with the other.

makeupandjeans.com said...

Very pretty!

Heidi said...

I have tried the winged eyeliner look and for some reason it doesn't look good on me or suit me well. I have always done a simple natural look...lol

Sweet said...

aww Casee looks so good with the eyeliner...so pretty!!!!

I need to try this one...


Jenmarie said...

I love winged eyeliner and always mean to try it out more. I love the different ways you can do it especially!

Usually I extend my liner a little and I create more of a triangular shape.

I love the way you do yours, pretty lady! :)


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