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The Perfect Pump

Mayhap it started as a trend, but now the skin-tone pump has become a wardrobe essential. Every girl is on the hunt for her perfect pair, and if you're one step ahead (pun intended) and have already found yours I salute you. I know I'm still looking, as is Jenmarie and even my sister. My sis and I had a long chat one day about the dilemma of widdling down the many options to find the pair that fits our criteria – funny enough, we had the same things on our lists:

We both agreed we aren't fans of patent leather, so we want something very matte looking. Then there's the issue of a platform: a big yes, but it has to be covered. To quote my sister, "It's like saying, Oh I'm literally not this tall, I'm just trying to make you think I am". (Mind you, these are just the opinions of two crazy girls with unusually opinionated preferences on footwear.) Where we differed, I think, was in the toe: I want a boldly rounded one and she wants a pointier one. I also love a pump with a sort of boxy, rounded vamp for substance. What I want is this: a matte (probably leather), essentially seamless shoe with height, substance and an accessible price. You wouldn't think that would be too hard, right?

Let's take a look at what I found whilst shopping online...

Corso Como ‘Palomar’ Platform Pump; $129.95; Nordstrom
It fits the bill because: It's perfect! The leather gives it a soft look, the platform is covered and it has a boxy vamp. This is it. Ish.
Wish it also had: A more accessible price. I'm determined to stay under $100. In my dreams I'd even like to stay under $50. And I wouldn't mind a little bit more height from the platform.

Rosica in Bone; $59.98, Aldo
It fits the bill because: The leather/suede upper gives it the matte look I want. It also has a vamp similar to what I'm looking for.
Wish it also had: A covered platform; and I'm not sure I like the concave shanks.

Nude Patent Platform Shoes; £35, Dorothy Perkins
It fits the bill because: The price would come out to around $56 - and the patent leather isn't overtly shiny.
Wish it also had: Again, a covered platform. This one is actually nice as visible platforms go, but it's one thing I don’t thing I can sacrifice.

Mossimo Versie Pump; $29.99; Target
It fits the bill because: It's got the matte look and definitely has the price!
Wish it also had: This one's got no platform at all, which...well, I guess that's a middle of the road, but I want the height. I also want a wrapped heel rather than the wood of this one.

Simply Vera Vera Wang Hestia Platform High Heels; $48.99, Kohls
It fits the bill because: Covered platform, accessible price, wrapped heel, boxy vamp. And I could come to love the patent leather on this one, I think. Perfection? Almost.
Wish it also had: A softer sole. I've seen this shoe before and the way the sole sort of juts out at the ball of the foot is a bit of a turn-off.

Steve Madden Russh in Nude; $71.96, 6pm.com
It fits the bill because: Oh gosh, it's gorgeous. I love the platform, the vamp, the overall shape of the shoe.
Wish it also had: A matte look! This is just a little too shiny for me. I don't want people to see their reflection when they look at my shoes!

So I'll keep on looking. In the meantime tell me your feelings on the nude pump: do you have a pair? What's on your list of criteria?

- Casee Marie

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Heidi said...

Love nude pumps! I already have long legs but they emphasize them real well. :)

Mrs. C said...

LOVE these pumps!! Super cute and will go great with anything!

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Anonymous said...

I have been on a hunt for some nude pumps!! These are all amazing!!

p.s. I'm hosting a giveaway on my blog. :)


Beautifully Invisible said...

Great picks, Casee! I love the Corso Como's best, but agree a thicker platform would be nice. I shared by perfect nude heels last week, as you know. I ordered the dash from Sole Society, so I'll share some photos when they arrive! They are almost identical to the Steve Madden's you posted I think, just a lighter color. I think the Pour la Victorie Irina pumps would be perfect too... except for the price!

Jenmarie said...

I LOVE that you and your sister have conversations about nude heels! They seriously are one of the most beautiful looking shoes!

I'm definitely still wanting a pair, I just haven't found the perfect one yet. Lately I haven't been looking but this selection is definitely inspiring.

I find it odd that the last two are considered nude when they look so much like a light chocolate brown to me. Is it weird to you too or no?

Marissa said...

I feel like this post is the story of my life! Why is it so hard to find shoes that have exactly everything you want? Are you familiar with JeffSilverman.com? They take forever to get the shoes to you, and I think the price is $125, but for custom shoes, that's pretty damn good. You can design everything from scratch, which is pretty cool. Keep looking, but if you don't find the perfect ones, at least you have another option.

Anna of IHOD said...

Now I have some great leads! I need a nude pump! I love the pink nude tone the best.

Heather said...

I actually have 3 pairs of nude shoes. 2 are pumps (1 round toe, 1 pointy toe) and the third pair is a peep-toe wedge. All three are from Aldo haha. I guess I'm obsessed with them.
xoxo http://behindthelashes.com

Ashley said...

Planning a trip to Target!

Anonymous said...

Steve Madden's the last pair are my favorite.


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