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Spring Necessities - FTF Blog Event

For me, being part of the FTF Community is an honor and I'd like to thank the lovely Kristy Eléna of Full time Fabulous for creating the community. There are so many wonderful bloggers in the group and I look forward to continue getting to know everyone. If you're unfamiliar with the FTF Blog Event you can learn all about it here, at Kristy Eléna's blog.

The theme for this month's blog event is Spring. Each blogger who is part of the FTF Community was challenged to create a visual interpretation of the theme. I wrestled with the idea and the different directions I could take with this challenge and quite honestly didn't finish until Wednesday evening. I decided on a vintage-inspired book cover with a select few Spring Necessities pooring out of an old tea pot. These are just some of the pieces I'm already loving and also looking forward to trying. I love that fashion is always changing and with each new season there are fascinating things to discover. I'm all about trying new styles and always anxious to find which pieces I will fall in love with!




Anika http://www.byanika.com said...

Hi sweetheart, I love your picks for spring, especially the platforms. I hope everything is well with you and that you will have a lovely weekend! xx


The design of this set is so cute! Love the teapot. I feel the urge to paint my nails a bright pink now :)

Heather said...

Great picks Jenmarie! Have a lovely weekend.
xoxo behindthelashes.com

Casee Marie said...

Jen, how cute! I love the original thought you put into this. And you know the first thing I thought of was Alice in Wonderland. It's the perfect fusion of spring, your style and your personality. Love it!

Fashion Tales.... said...

What a great concept for your Spring interpretation. I'm drawn to the alluring brights.. love these! -xxoo
Happy Friday!
Ladyofashion of FASHION TALES

Closet Fashionista said...

Love that skirt! These pieces are so great :D

the Citizen Rosebud said...

You've captured the essentials of spring in 6 easy pieces.
the Citizen Rosebud

Heidi said...

Great post! I love trying new styles too in the spring and summer. :)

Kimberlee said...

I love the idea of the items pouring out of a tea pot! Very creative :)

Kara said...

Cute layout! I love the teapot pouring out the spring trends! I love everything.. where did you find the maxi and the skirt?

xx Kara
Sprinkles in Springs

Kristin said...

Colorblocking and bright hues...I can't get enough of them!

Fabienne Jach said...

I almost bought those shoes! I've been drawn to them along with a softer palette and more vintage-inspired fashion these days so I can relate to your picks.
:) f
The House in the Clouds

Anonymous said...

The brights and lace are my favorites for spring!
every year I search for a nice lace piece! I'm not always succesful though, so I treasure the ones I already have!

Kristy Elena said...

thank you so much for the super kind words! i'm so glad you decided to participate in the blog event!!!

your collage is so cute. i love how everything is pouring out of the teapot!!!

i think you totally nailed it for spring essentials. a few of them i incorporate into my wardrobe while others not so much but am trying to get better at it. (like florals... they've always been hard for me).

great post darling!!

Kristy Eléna - Full Time Fabulous
Vogue Gone Rogue
Twitter: @kristyelena

Sweet said...

I really think you did a pretty good job with the representation my dear!!!! I really love...it everything spells perfect in so many ways...


Audrey Allure said...

Great picks for spring! Love that skirt!

Marissa said...

Great job with this collage! These are all styles I'm really looking forward to wearing this spring - especially the color blocking. I can't get enough of it.


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