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Dare to Wear White

What I wore:
Pants: BandolinoBlu
Top: Apt. 9
Sandals: Clarks
Bag: Foley + Corinna
Sunglasses: Simply Vera Vera Wang
Earrings: gifted from my sister
Nail polish: Zoya in Charisma

I've gone most of my life with a mental block on white pants and for one specific reason. I loved the look, but I would deny myself for the cardinal rule: white pants aren't slimming. Dark is slimming. My bottom half (and, consequently, my top half, too) requires slimming. And so, any and all non-slimming garments would be turned away at the wardrobe door. That's what I did because that's what I was told by the magazines and the magazine websites and the countless "industry professionals" on TV. This is What Not to Wear for Your Curves 101. But something blogging has taught me is that sometimes - and by "sometimes" I of course mean "always" – you just have to ignore them. Seriously, what good are fashion rules if you're going to deny yourself the looks you love? If you're happy in your style you'll shine. Wearing what you love without limiting yourself will help your style evolve into a full-on extension of your inner beauty. So break the fashion rules with confidence!

I have learned a few things about how to get the best white pants for my particular shape. My two directives when I was shopping for this particular pair:

Pay attention to the fit. Don't just swipe up the first pair you see. Brand matters, really, because some designers cater to fuller figures while others market to slimmer, perhaps younger clientele. If you're shapely, for example, don't shop the Juniors section. Every designer fits differently so take your time and find the best cut for your shape.

Don't pay attention to the size on the label. Admit it: the size of your blue jeans is questionable. You dance a bit trying to get into them. You may even consider putting them on to be an event. The essential three-word phrase for the size of your white pants: Let. It. Go. You want them to be fitted to best flatter your curves (see above: "Pay attention to the fit"), but there is such a thing as too tight and if you find yourself in that predicament for the sake of a number you just won't feel comfortable or confident.

So what do you think, gals? Have you ever been told to avoid a certain garment for your size? And better yet – have you ever ignored the rules?

- Casee Marie



I tend to avoide the white pants too, those I have a of couple loose-fitting pairs. But yours look great, and your tips are excellent.

LOVE the polish!

Heather said...

Is that cranberry eye shadow to match your shirt I see?!? Love the matching!
xoxo behindthelashes.com

the Citizen Rosebud said...

The cardinal rules to always follow are 1)fit 2)proportion and 3)cut

If your clothing fits properly and the look in in proportion (pair skinny with full for example) and the cut of the fabric is quality, you can't help but look good.

White is so chic, I'm glad you finally did it. I don't wear white bottoms or tops but mostly because without fail I garner a huge stain on first or second wearing! I'm a messy girl!

Kristin said...

Woot woot for white pants...I featured white skinnies this week. Love them! And you look fabulous!

Bere Parra said...

I really feel the white on you! With your flawless skin it is just so elegant :))). I also like how you paired it with a bold color (burgundy?) and yes, the nail polish is to die for! Major love.
The 'fear' of white pants is something I've yet to let go off. I understand what you mean, that we read everywhere that one should't wear white/pale bottoms if you're too curvy. My hips and bum rival JLo's but (of course) I'm nowhere near as slim as her, so I am always looking for the best cuts/fits and colors for my body type. I admire your guts and your daring to wear white (and ROCKING it so much) has inspired me to throw a little more of it into my wardrobe choices. Thanks for sharing dear, you're beautiful! :)))

Anonymous said...

I have never worn white pants. Your outfit inspires me to try it though! The main reason being I'm afraid of staining them forever after.

Jenmarie said...

Casee, you look stunning! I love these two colors together and your overall styling of this outfit.

I've learned to ignore a few fashion rules including "No white after Labor Day". I think I realized it was silly after Rachel Zoe talked a bit about it. She LOVES white and thinks it's great all year.

Anonymous said...

Oh Miss Casee Marie!!!! I just got over my fear of white pants over winter!!! I love them now!!! And your tips are great. Word to the word!!! LET IT GO! I am such a happier shopper b/c of that rule.

Heidi said...

Great advice! I have been wanting a white pair of pants but I can't find one's that have enough coverage. They are all too sheer :(

Mrs. C said...

Ok your ring in gorgeous!! LOVE IT!!! And looking fabulous in white!!

Recipes Fashion Marriage


Flaunt those curves, babydoll! You look gorgeous as always. Thanks for the tips... my reasoning for not buying white, though, has to do with my constant spilling/clumsiness :)

Blue said...

I' ve always avoided white pants for that same reason. Which will change now. Thank you for that post!


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