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Life at AE

What I wore:
Dress: American Eagle
Wedges: Target
Lips: Red Revolution Color Sensational & Clear Lipliner by Maybelline

I never expected to be so happy working at American Eagle Outfitters. Everything about the job is so fun and I look forward to each of my shifts there. I've had the wonderful opportunity of styling multiple customers (a feeling I couldn't possibly describe to you) and I've seen some people purchase the items I added on for them in the dressing room. It's such a rewarding feeling to see people walk out of the store happy with what they purchased!

It's been a little over a month since I've been there and I've purchased a few things including this beautiful grey chiffon dress. I love the floral print, ruffles and the black slip that's sewn to the dress. I get tired of wearing slips all the time so I was really happy about this feature! In the store we display the dress with the black ribbon tied in front of the dress but I prefered it in the back. The dress comes in sizes 00 to 18 and you can order it here if you'd like.

I'm also wearing the magic Clear LipLiner by Maybelline. Almost immediately after I saw V's video about how perfect this lipliner was I went to Ulta and got one for myself. The verdict? Every woman needs this! Combine it with any of the shades from their Color Sensational Collection and you'll only really need to touch-up after you eat! It's amazing how long the color lasts! This is one of my brightest lipsticks and I'm in love with it!



Heather said...

You look great in this outfit, I really love the wedges!
xoxo behindthelashes.com

Anna of IHOD said...

So glad you like it! I used to work at JCrew and loved the discount:D
That dress is adorable!

Fashion Tales.... said...

you look so pretty. This dress is a beautiful print, also loving the lip colour. -xxoo

Anonymous said...

That dress is really cute! I love the color and pattern.

I so need to get that lipliner and lipstick!

Oh to Be a Muse said...

that chiffon dress is really, really pretty. i didn't know AE was making things this pretty these days. granted, i haven't really been in an AE store since high school. but now i am tempted. and you look fab in that red lip color!

Heidi said...

Love AE! I love their jeans because they fit me well. Love their accessories too but they are a little too pricy for me. Lovely dress! :)

Casee Marie said...

Aw, I'm so glad you're enjoying your job! That's the most fun, being able to do something you really love as a career. It sounds like such a great experience!

I adore the dress, too. It has so much character! I was loving all the chiffon on the Spring/Summer runways this year, but I never feel like I can wear it well for some reason. Like because it's so flowy it doesn't work for my shape? I don't know if that makes any sense, haha.

Oh and I almost bought that lipcolor today while I was at Target but I really wanted the liner too and they didn't have it there. I'll definitely have to get to Ulta soon!

Marissa said...

I'm so, so happy for you, Jennmarie! There's nothing better than loving where you work. AE is one of those store I always think I'm too old for, but then whenever I go in, I end up finding some really cute stuff. Can't wait to hear more about your AE styling adventures.

P.S.- Have I ever told you how jealous I am of how well you pull off red lipstick? Cause I am. ;)

A Thrifty Mrs said...

Love that dress, it really suits you.
Like everyone else, I think that lip colour is fantastic on you, I'm a bit of a red lipstick addict.


Thanks for the shout, honeybun!

Your lippie looks stunning on you! At this very moment, I'm wearing my red Maybelline lippie and clear liner, and this morning when I put it on, I thought, how on earth did I ever live without clear liner before?!

Last weekend I went to a bridal shower and did red lips, and I fogot to throw my liner in my clutch. Wow, what a difference without it. I'm so hooked!

Anonymous said...

STOP IT YOU!!! I had the same feeling when I worked in eyeglasses for years. I felt sooooo rad! I would have customers say, "I hate glasses, I never look good in them" and I would have them walk out feeling awesome in their new frames. It felt FANTASTIC. So hugs to you on that!

And girl! I bought the clear lipliner b/c of v too...ahahha. I haven't tried it with a red red yet b/c I don't own one I like YET! You look great in yours Jenmarie!

Abi said...

That is such a lovely dress! Love how pretty and girly it is. You look beautiful and I'm glad you love your job! Nothing better than doing something you love especially in the summertime.


YEAHHHHHHH! Retail, represent!!! I would love to discuss adventures with you.

Ashley said...

Such a cute outfit! I love summer dresses!!


Delecia said...

That red lipstick is really fabulous on you. It also added a pop of personality to your outfit!


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