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Lindsay Phillips: Switchflops and Snap Shoes

"Change your look, not your sole." That's the point-of-view behind Lindsay Phillips' ingenious Switchflops, flip flops with a fashionable twist: Velcro-attached straps that let you create tons of fabulous looks in a flash. I heard about these recently and just saw them while I was out shopping yesterday; I absolutely had to share. Lindsay's idea for the flip flops bloomed in high school and - talk about making your dreams a reality - she found herself with a patented product before even graduating.

On the Lindsay Phillips website you can explore the different types of shoes as well as all of the strap options, creating your own unique pieces with the click of a mouse. Switchflops are more than just flip flops, too: wedges and other sandal options are available – even little kitten heels! Too cute.

Here's another option I created (I had a lot of fun, can you tell?) to show you the diversity. You could take one pair of flip flops and find straps to customize them for every outfit, or change the sole for a different sort of canvas. How brilliant would these be for travel?

Aside from Switchflops, Lindsay has also created a line called Snap Shoes. With Snap Shoes the same motto applies, finding unlimited ways to change up one pair of shoes, but rather than switching out straps the Snap Shoes let you customize with snap-on embellishments and bows. These might be my favorite thing on her website. They're adorable!

I seriously love the possibilities. The basic shoes are classy, chic and simple enough to allow for a fun, cohesive look with almost every available embellishment, making it a truly universal shoe. I don't often buy embellished shoes because I worry they won't be versatile enough for my wardrobe, but having the option to switch out the decoration would be fantastic. And with the snap-ons costing around $12 - $15 each you can have a lot of fun with the selection!

Have you ever seen the Switchflops or Snap Shoes by Lindsay Phillips? Let me know what you think – and if you visit the site tell me what sort of combinations you’ve come up with!

- Casee Marie


Heather said...

I like the slingback wedge myself. I would definitely get a lot of use out of them. Such a smart girl!
xoxo behindthelashes.com

Anonymous said...

I too prefer the slingback wedge! I like having lots of flip flops of different sizes & colors, so I'd go with the wedge. (Can you tell I have a shoe obsession?) The website is so fun! I had to leave before I lost too much time! Haha

Shayne said...

those are so cute. i would wear those.

Blue said...

The snap shoes sound awesome. You can add something pretty and shiny everyday, but still wear the same, hopefully comfortable, shoes. Genius.

Heidi said...

I have seen these at a local store. They seem pretty inventive and a great idea. Though I don't know if I would ever buy them as I am not a big flip flop person hehe :)

Jenmarie said...

What an amazing idea! I can't believe she did this before she graduated too! These remind me of those bags that you can switch up. You know the magnetic bags you posted last year about? I already forget what they're called but I'm sure you'll know what I mean.

Dorota said...

I love the first ones!this is a brilliant idea!

Closet Fashionista said...

Oh wow those are so fun!! :D :D

Ans said...



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