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Mad Hattered

Last week I went to Disneyland in my new Alice in Wonderland t-shirt and Mad Hatter Crocheted hat. Really, how could I not share this outfit with you? I wouldn't exactly put it under the category of "fashionable" but it's casual and fun so why not? We all have those days.

The t-shirt was a special one designed for the World of Color light show in Disneyland's California Adventure (which took my breath away!). My mom found it at the Disney outlet store and knew I had to have it. There are so many lovely bright colors on one side of the shirt to represent the light show and lots of characters and scenes from the movie. It's perfect!

The Mad Hatter hat was an idea that I gave to my mom (owner of Harvester Products) after seeing the Minnie Mouse hat she made for my sister. I sent her a screencap from the movie (you know, it had to look exactly like the hat) and she made it just from looking at the photo. No pattern, just creativity! I could never do that!

Just when I thought the day couldn't get anymore whimsical, we went into one of the shops and found the Disney Vinylmation Jr. keychains. My mom and I each got one. I got a surprise character (one of the Chipmunks) and my mom got the Cheshire Cat. We instantly traded!

Of course, I had to go on the Alice in Wonderland ride while I was there. My family laughed at how many photos I was taking while we were in line! You're lucky I spared you ;) We also experienced the new Star Tours ride and The Little Mermaid ride. Both were absolutely fantastic!

Do you have a favorite graphic t-shirt? How about a funky hat you only wear certain places? Tell me about them!



BlueVanilla said...

So cute! Perfect place for a fun outfit!

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Casee Marie said...

I can't believe your mom crocheted that from just a picture! She's so talented! It looks like it must've taken ages to do all that. And your top is darling, love the colors. It looks like you had so much at Disney, I love all of your pictures. The light show looks like it was amazing!

Anonymous said...

Your mom is so talented! That hat is amazing. I have a few graphic tees I go to for days like that. :) Your posts about Disneyland make me want to go!

Abi said...

You look so precious in the mad hatter hat. Good on your mum! I've actually never been to Disneyland so I might not mind all your photos much ;)

I don't have a funky hat, but I do have a rabbit tee I refuse to part with even though it's almost in shreds.

Heidi said...

Very cute outfit and perfect for the park! :)

Marissa said...

Alice and Wonderland was always my favorite Disney movie. It was the only one we owned on VHS. :) So jealous you got to go to Disneyland! I haven't been in ages.


OMG, you are just precious! These photos are so fun.

I've never been to Disneyland. But then again, I never really wanted to go as a kid. I was always happy to be home playing with my Barbies!

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! I want to put you in my pocket you are tooooooo cute!!!

Love that you are having fun and being 100% in the spirit! No wonder you loved my Alice in Wonderland restaurant post so much!!! I had no idea your attachment to Alice. I totally have one too :).

And how cute is your mom making you that hat! Gawsh, moms are the best!

Delecia said...

I am in love with Alice in Wonderland! That shirt is adorable!


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