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Friday Fame: Ellie Goulding

It seems like I've taken to spotlighting indie songstresses in my installments of our Friday Fame series, so why not continue with another? Ellie Goulding, England's sweet faced singer-songwriter, is a favorite of mine for her fun indie-electropop music as much as for her devotion to her originality. She’s experienced great success overseas and her debut album was just (finally!) released here in the States back in March or so. She also performed her cover of Elton John's "Your Song" at the wedding reception of Prince William and Kate Middleton as the first song the couple danced to as husband and wife. Not a bad gig, to be sure! Ellie's music – much like her personal style – blossoms with a charm that's unique to her. Here's a look!

Ellie has a very unassuming beauty about her. I always love the simplicity of her make-up; she embraces her natural look, which just adds to her charm. She's also an advocate for running and has taken to inviting her fans to run with her in the different cities while she tours. I think that’s such a cute idea! You can find more about that at EllieRuns.com.

Her hair color has seen a lot of unique changes – from platinum to purple to pink – and I find myself a little inspired every time. I've always loved the idea of experimenting with unexpected color, though I never do it myself. Ellie has a way of making each one work for her. (Also, can I talk about how much I love the necklace she’s wearing here?)

A big element of her personal style seems to be marrying edgy elements with the more feminine ones. I love the way the studs on this jacket contrast with the nipped waist and flared bottom of it. She'll be apt to pair a leather jacket with a white eyelet sundress in a heartbeat; such a rockstar!

Are you familiar with Ellie? I'd love to know what musicians inspire your own style!

- Casee Marie

Special thanks to Ellie-G.com for the pics.


Jenmarie said...

I am not familiar with her but her style is very interesting! I really like the first dress. It has a more darker vibe to it but it's still shimmery. Perfect feminine touch! The studded trench is really fun! I find it unique that only the arms are studded. I don't think I'd ever dye my hair pink or purple but she definitely pulls it off!

Oh to Be a Muse said...

i didn't know who she was so thanks for introducing her to me. i think she has a good stylist--love that first black dress!

Kirstin Marie said...

She has great style! I love that black and white dress with the sweet heart neckline. Gorgeous!

Abi said...

I feel so pleased when little known artists become famous and cross borders. I like her music but her style doesn't sway me that much

Aquí said...

I love her hair! She always looks so cute! In response to your comment, no I haven't always lived in Hawaii. I've been here for about 3 months. I've been traveling around a lot this year!

Anonymous said...

She is cute!

Faerl Marie said...

I really admire the way she pairs edgy and classic. I especially love the trench and leather leggings!

I enjoy her music but admit to not being super familiar with it. I am inspired by Carrie Underwood's style her feminine mix of elegance and trend is spot-on in my mind!

Faerl Marie


I love her voice! Seriously, her songs are amazing and give me goosebumps... teehee!

Anonymous said...

I don't know her!!! But I love her style and am going to check out her music now. The juxtaposition of feminine and edge is something I really gravitate towards, so loves this Fame Friday choice!


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