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I recently decided to have a bit of experimental fun with my hair, trying out some completely random styles on a whim. And yes, there were plenty of hours left in the day by the time I'd finished them all! I didn't follow any tutorials, instead I just started piling the hair on top of my head, twisting it around and just seeing what I could come up with. My hair is incredibly thick and I have a lot of it, which I've been told is a wonderful situation, but there are a lot of downsides: particularly the fact that pins never hold it all and in the summer it's incredibly hot! Half the time I'll toss it up in a clip and not worry about it – but, where's the fun in having long hair if you do that? Thus, I decided to see what random things my hair could do. So, are you ready to see all the products I used to make these looks happen?

Yep. All that. I couldn't believe it either! Now, I did use an extra basic bobby pin here and there for a bit of tweaking, but as a whole the Spin Pin by Goody was my knight in shining armor. Two of those little ditties held my massive head of hair without fault. The last vintage style (bottom right) in the above picture had one Spin Pin creating the pouf and another holding all of my hair after I had twisted it around my hairline. Crazy, right? The curling iron helped to give my hair a bit of wave and add some volume, and obviously the hairspray was a must. I sprayed it a bunch of times between styles as well as while I was styling, and it kept my hair quite moldable.

Have you discovered the Spin Pin yet? Let me know what you think!

- Casee Marie



So many great looks! It helps to have an amazing head of hair, though!

Melanie Alexandra said...

Casey! You are so perfect! I'm totally jealous of your GREAT hair! I'm kind of captivated by the strength of those little coils. I might have to invest, but my hair is probably too thin/short for it to function correctly, lol.

Jenmarie said...

I LOVE the hairdo you came up with on the top right. You look beautiful! I haven't done anything like this in a long time. I still need to try some different braids too! Someone was just asking me if the Spin Pins work and I mentioned that you liked them and told them they could find them at Target. It's too bad they only come in a 2-pack! I need to get some myself sometime!

Michelle said...

You have such amazing hair Casee, and skillz to match ;) My hair is generically always in a tousled/au naturale look, or a messy topknot hahaha! I particularly love the first ones on the second and bottom rows.

Heidi said...

Gorgeous hair! I wish I had as much volume as you! hehe :)


Spin Pin? Wow, I'll have to check those out! You look fab, darling. My favorite is the top right :)

Ashley said...

Love it!! I've been trying to figure out ways to pull back my hair without using a hair band. I'm trying to do more up-dos. You look awesome!

Gabrielle said...

All of these hairstyles look great on you! I need to play with my hair more.

Kristin said...

I wish I had your hair doin' talent lady!

Beautifully Invisible said...

You are amazing. Your hair is amazing. This post is amazing.

The spin pin is amazing... in an I don't understand sort of way. How do they work? How can only 2 keep that massive amount of hair up? I think a video tutorial is in order.


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