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What I wore:

Jean Associate Top: American Eagle Outfitters
Jeans: Target
Flip Flops: Old Navy
Sunglasses: Forever 21
Bag: Old Navy

What he wore:

Shirt: Metallica Club
Jeans: Anchor Blue
Shoes: Active
Sunglasses: Unknown

On Friday we celebrated my husband's twenty-eighth birthday. Isn't he such a stud? :P He chose to eat at Five Guys for dinner. Their burgers and fries are extremely delicious and taste like a professional home-cooked meal! I love that you can add any toppings you'd like at no extra cost. Have any of my lovely readers been there before? After we ate we went shooting! Yes, that's me you see! It was my second time shooting and believe it or not I'm quite the markswoman! Ha! Later on we stopped at Starbucks. I finally tried the new Mocha Coconut Frappucino. It wasn't bad but I'm sure it would've been better had I not chosen the Light option with no Whip. I was being a good girl ;) We ended the night with Suckerpunch, one of the Blu-Rays movies I bought for his birthday. He's obsessed with Blu-Ray and our collection has grown quite a bit over the past year. Overall we had a wonderful day together! It's always fun to celebrate birthdays and make the people you care for feel extra special!


Reyna @fashionmist♥ said...

I love your outfit! And of course, the Starbucks! xx

Heidi said...

Love starbucks! Happy Birthday to your husband! :)

Blue said...

Birthdays are the best! Looks like you guys had a great time, tell him Happy Birthday!

Mrs. C said...

LOVE Five Guys!! Best part is when they tell you where the potatoes are from! :) Happy bday!

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Closet Fashionista said...

Yayy! How exciting! Happy Birthday to him! :)

Beautifully Invisible said...

Happy belated birthday to your hubby! Sounds like you had a great time celebrating. We have Five Guys in Cleveland - love to go there for a special treat on occasion. The fries are especially are great!

And look at you at the shooting range. I've never tried that - looks fun!

Anonymous said...

sweet :), happy belated beeday to hubby. it looks like you made it special for him which I'm sure he appreciated.

OK, so everyone talks about 5 guys and I have yet to go :( boo for me!

jill said...

another girl who goes to the gun range! I love shooting guns, is that dark?

x. jill

Casee Marie said...

Aww, looks like it was a great day! I give you serious props for going to the shooting range - I could never do that!

And I've never heard of Five Guys, I guess that means we don't have them out here. Sounds great, though!


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