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Bow Inspiration & Sproos Giveaway Winner

Several weeks ago when I was prepping my portion of our Sproos accessory review post I was a little flabbergasted as to how I would incorporate the bow into my outfit - not because I couldn't think of a way, but because there were too many ways! New ideas kept popping into my mind on how this lovely bit of cheetah would add a little 'rawr' to any get-up. I finally settled for one, in the hair, because that's of course how it's firstly intended to be worn. But today I thought I'd revisit some of the other ways I'll definitely be wearing it in the future.

Clipped on my little Wilson's Leather clutch/handbag.
I love the pop of animal print with the pink!

Aside from having a clip, the bow also has a pin closure which lets you wear it as a brooch.

And lastly, I had the perfect little skinny belt to clip it onto as well!

I could also see it on a scarf, or even on a scarf used as a belt. I wasn't kidding when I said the possibilities were endless!

Giveaway Winner
Finally, I'm very excited to announce that the winner of our giveaway with Sproos was Meri of Meri-Goes-Round! Congratulations, Meri, you'll be hearing from us soon!

- Casee Marie


Mrs. C said...

Look at all the fun ideas with this!!! How fun!

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Jenmarie said...

You are seriously darling and obviously very creative! I would've never thought to style the bow in all the ways that you did! I kind of want one myself now!

Congrats to you, Meri!

Kristin said...

That bow is so stinkin' adorable and so versatile!

Meri said...

Yes! I can't wait!
Thanks for having this giveaway!

Heidi said...

Cute accessory! I like the bow on the bag the best :)

Ans said...



That bow looks so cute in your hair!

Tasha said...

I love how versatile that clip is! It's great how you can wear it in your hair or as a brooch, or even attach it to your belt! Looks lovely on you!


So cute! I love bows and, well, pretty much any hair accessory.


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