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Friday Fame: Audrey Tautou

"For me, beautiful women, they're the ladies who simply shimmer with loveliness."

I can't believe it's taken me this long to feature one of my favorite Audreys in our Friday Fame series! I adore her style and her vibrant personality, much like the equally gamine Audrey who came before her, yet still lovingly original. Audrey Tautou. She'll forever be sweet-faced do-gooder Amélie Poulain in the hearts of so many of us, but outside of her iconic film role she’s just as whimsical – and, yes, just as sweet-faced, too!

One of my favorite things about Audrey's style is the way she bounces back and forth between girly and boyish looks. I'm crazy about that look with the slacks and deep-V-neck sweater, it reminds me so of Katharine Hepburn. But then I also love when she goes for flirtier things like that darling yellow dress. Not many women – as most of us who’ve ever tried a pixie cut will attest – can pull off both looks, and she really makes each one her own.

Her honest, charming spirit and gentle demurity endear me to her as well. She's so very Parisian in that way and I'm sure that's one of the many reasons why I consider her a style inspiration from both a fashion and lifestyle perspective.

Does Aud just melt your heart, too? Have you ever been inspired by someone's style and sense of personality at the same time?

- Casee Marie

Thanks to Audrey Tautou Fan for the pictures!


Anna of IHOD said...

Sheis so stunning...because she is a natural and authentic. So beautiful!

Fashion Tales.... said...

She's definitely so adorable, what's not to love? I adore that first photo of her. yes, Tautou is one of the great Audreys to-xo love.

Jenmarie said...

She's just too adorable! I still have yet to see "Coco Before Chanel" but I definitely will someday! I believe you've told me at least once before that you really liked it.

Metsy said...

She's one of the few ladies who can switch effortlessly between girly and boyish charm. Adorable!

Oh to Be a Muse said...

she's always been amazing!

made-to-travel.com said...

I LOVE AUDREY!! Like really love! I think her style is completely flawless and full of charm and spunk. I kind of wish she was a dear friend :). Another great great Friday Fame!


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