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Friday Fame: Mia Wasikowska

Mia Wasikowska is among a barrage of young actresses embracing the gamine, pixie look, and while I always adore it I think Mia gives the trend a unique approach. She's like a Jean Seberg-Audrey Hepburn hybrid, but with her own sweet grace and quietly charming disposition. All of that combined brings a refreshing elegance to her editorials that I just adore. I decided to branch away from celebrity personal style on this edition of Friday Fame and instead spotlight Mia's performances in front of the camera!

I just love the way she wears these clothes! Especially, of course, the Alexander McQueen which she wore in W earlier this year. With her grace she has such a power that helps her support that gown and her soft, ethereal beauty counteracts the intensity of it perfectly.

Thoughts on Mia? Do you have a favorite celeb who rocks the pixie-cut?

- Casee Marie

Picture credit: Mia Wasikowska Online


Jenmarie said...

I have not seen any one of these photos you shared of her and I'm in awe of many of them! She looks so comfortable in front of the camera doesn't she? I *think* I've only seen her in the new Alice in Wonderland but I feel like she can do a lot more as an actress. I've also pictured her as Tinkerbell a few times!

Kailey said...

Mia really is quite gorgeous - I can't wait to see her in Jane Eyre! Lately, it seems like I keep seeing new people crop up with the pixie cut, and most of the time not with super flattering results - but I really love the way Mia looks in it! ^^

Morgan Jordan said...

Man that girl is good looking! I'm sort of in the mood to chop my own hair off too... maybe not that short though. I've always loved Natalie Portman's short cuts.


PS Thanks for your comment! :)

Marissa said...

I love that first photo! The contrast of the edgy hair and her angelic face is just perfect.

Fashion Tales.... said...

She's like a young Gwyneth! gorgeous! Carrie Mulligan & Halle Berry, fierce pixies.


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