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Mission Missoni

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Everyone knows about the collaboration between Target and Missoni and many of us, I'm sure, have the date (September 13th) written on our calendars or even our daily planners. Some will get in line before Target opens and some will be racing there after school or work. I don't have my work schedule for that week yet but I'm prepared for this mission! How about you? If you're not I suggest reading The Beauty File's simple steps on how to prepare for the launch. I myself would absolutely suggest viewing the pieces if you haven't already and checking the prices listed here so you can make a list of the things you absolutely want and those that you might be interested in. You should also be aware that select pieces will only be available online.

As long as I walk out with something that has the iconic squiggly lines, I'll be happy. Here are a few of the things I currently have my eye on...

Silk Scarves - $19.99 each

I love the middle scarf and I'm hoping it's big enough to work with the way I'd like to. Majorly obsessing over the colors.

6 pk file folders - $4.99 each
Vertical file sorter w/ file folder - $9.99 each

Organizing fashionably is something I'm trying to do more of.

Knit Poncho - $49.99

I'm not a poncho kind of girl but I'm interested in trying it on.

Octagon Ceramic Platter - $24.99
Rectangular Ceramic Tray - $19.99
Melamine Serving Tray - $19.99

Aren't these so fun? I like the middle tray best but I'm not sure it would really go with the theme of my kitchen/dining room. We'll see.

Umbrella - $19.99

I have a confession. My hot pink umbrella is actually my mom's that I sort of took when I moved out. She doesn't mind me using it but I could use the excuse that I actually don't have my own umbrella.

Framed Tile - $24.99

Such artsy yet simplistic decorations. LOVE.

Long Gloves - $19.99
Extra Long Scarf - $24.99

Since I'm kind of addicted to scarves I sort of have to try this one on.

I won't be able to get all these things I shared with you so I have some thinking to do. Did I mention these were just some of the things I'm interested in? Mmm hmm. As of now I'm in a bit of trouble.

Which pieces are you eyeing?



designedbyann said...

I love Missoni's pattern and I would love to own a piece of their collection!!
It's so nice that they collaborate with Target...but sadly I live far far away from the US to be able to buy any of these things!
If I could buy one thing, it would be a silk scarf or the extra long scarf...

Casee Marie said...

Chevron is a huge Don't for me - it's fine on other people but it's just one of those patterns I don't like at all on myself - so I'm probably the only person not planning to shop this collection! The silk scarves are darling, though. I love the abstract florals!

thekellytang said...

Love the framed pieces! And also the ceramic trays!

<3 Kelly

Tasha said...

I'm loving those silk scarves! Missoni always has such great prints!

Kristin said...

I am tempted by so much from this collab!


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