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Changes for SHE

Hello, readers of SHE!

There are some big changes happening on the blog and we want to make you all aware of them.

After nearly two years, we have decided that our time working together on SHE as a joint blogging effort has instilled in us the motivation to continue our pursuits as bloggers individually. As part of a very small group who blog as a partnership, the response to our unique approach has been fantastic and we can’t thank you enough for that. Together we’ve helped each other in so many ways to overcome some of our insecurities and limitations as burgeoning bloggers and now we’re excited to see where our developed talents will take us.

Jenmarie will continue to run SHE, maintaining the same fashion-forward content you’re familiar with, but you can also expect to see more insights into her life and personal style. Meanwhile, Casee Marie will be blogging solely at The Girl Who Stole the Eiffel Tower where she hopes to continue writing about fashion, books and the arts.

We cannot thank you enough for the support you’ve bestowed on SHE since its conception in January, 2010. We’re so excited and empowered by the countless encouragements we’ve received through every comment and every page view. Forging a place for yourself in the world of blogging isn’t easy, and the community of our readership has truly turned every obstacle into an enticing adventure. We’ve had so much fun with you all as we’ve worked together on SHE and we’ve been incredibly honored to have had some spectacular opportunities as a blogging duo. We’re excited to see where these new changes will take us and we hope you enjoy following along on the adventure!

With love,
Jenmarie & Casee Marie



Michelle said...

Aw I'm sad to hear you're "dividing ways" in a sense, can't wait to see where the blog goes next, and I'll definitely continue to read each of your blogs. x

Kailey said...

So excited to see what you both have in store for us in your separate ventures <3

Ashley said...

I'm glad that, while it won't be a joint effort, you'll both still be blogging b/c I love reading your varying perspectives on fashion!

Heidi said...

awww...we will miss both of you on here! But I am glad to hear that you will still be blogging individually! :)

GvN said...

I wish you both alla the best in your future blogging activities!


Fashion Tales.... said...

Will continue to keep reading both of your lovely blogs. You two have done so much in little time. Looking forward to your future posts individually as well.

Arash Mazinani said...

This is the first time I've stumbled upon this blog didn't realise it was a partnership. I've always checked out Casee Marie's blog and now I know about this will continue to do the same x

the Citizen Rosebud said...

You both made a great team, but speaking as someone who has worked on collaborative efforts in bloggings I can understand that it's best to know when its time to take on solo projects. Through SHE I have come to get to know you both and will still check in on both blogs and be an avid reader of Girl and SHE. xo. Bella Q

Jamillah said...

Excited to see you share more Jen, I really am. I'm excited to see where you both grow in your blogs.


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