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Fashion Finds: Cape Coats

Photo by Jonathan Leder

I've talked about my excitement for capes in the spring, but my excitement for capes this autumn far surpasses it! I've always been a fan of cape coats and since the resurgence in the look we're finding lots of new and fabulous ways to wear them. If you're a first-time cape-wearer this season, I thought I'd take some time to shop around and share my favorite fashion finds on the internet. Maybe you'll find your first cape right here! (If you do, I get ten percent commission - just kidding.)

AK Anne Klein Cape Coat; $239, AnneKlein.com

Tahari "Belle" Capelet; $148, Nordstrom

Buton Up Cape Coat by Staple; $144.04 (sale), ASOS

French Toasty Cape; $72.99, ModCloth

Camel Button Buckle Cape; £30 (sale, roughly $46), Dorothy Perkins

I love the diversity in these capes, from patterns to colors, sleeves, collars, buttons, belts, buckles…you get the idea. The longer the cape coat has been around the more it's evolved, that's pretty evident here. I'm drawn to the more classic, vintage looking capes and capelets, but there are definitely some new and abstract spins on the look as well.

What do you think of the cape coat for fall? Will you be sporting one?

- Casee Marie


Heidi said...

Capes are quite cute. The last one is cute and right on budget! Great picks :)

Anna of IHOD said...

I adore these on other people and feel ridiculous when I wear them. What's the solution?? ;)

Heather said...

Great options. I might have to bite the bullet and get one this year hehe.
xoxo behindthelashes.com

Fashion Tales.... said...

I was happy that capes made a comeback a little bit ago, and love that camel buckle style, though the Anne Klein one is very lovely as well. I choose both!

Jenmarie said...

I really like them and I've even seen some I like in stores recently. However, I have yet to try one on! They make me think of Samantha, the American Girl! Those were such good books!

hellnh said...

i love the styles,
really fashionable. :)

suitauthority.com/2 button slim fit suits

Yara Simón said...

That Asos coat is perfection.

Maria Manfredi said...

The Tahari Capelet would definitely be a fabolous coat for my girl. I save money for the next 2 months.

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