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The New Wallet

My wallet of many years finally decided not to stay zipped anymore. I knew that my next wallet needed to have more spaces for cards, coupons, receipts and the like. Friends, my new wallet couldn't be any more perfect...

I found this little guy at Marshalls for only $16.00. I thought my eyes were deceiving me considering it is, in fact, a Steve Madden wallet. I'm in love with it and I can't get over the hot pink inside lining. I almost wish it was a clutch so I could show it off more. That's normal, right?

What kind of wallet do you have? Is it time to clean it out or perhaps get a new one?



Heidi said...

Great wallet! Love the detailing inside. I just have a plain faux brown leather wallet. Nothing special- just enough to carry all my cards and stuff...lol

Anna of IHOD said...

This is why I love marshalls! The zipper is the best part! :)

Jamillah said...

cuuuuute! love that zipper and the color is kind of perfect!=.

Ashley said...

Love it! I have one of those flat flat wallets, but it, like yours, had room for cards. I got it to save space and it works! Yours is a beautiful color!

Closet Fashionista said...

Woohoo! Gotta love Marshalls! My wallet was free from Fashion Flirts, but it is perfect! For now. The only problem is it doesn't fit in my little purse so I can only use it in my big ones :p

Sandy a la Mode said...

i LOVE marshalls! what a great find!!

Fashion Tales.... said...

The grey colour is my favourite, cute style wallet! I have several wallets, but I tend to carry one in particular most recently.

Casee Marie said...

Oh my gosh, I totally almost bought a similar wallet at Marshalls a few weeks ago! It was a snakeskin pattern, though, I think. I was actually a little afraid that the hot pink lining would get old for me, but it definitely makes a great statement. My current wallet I've been using for years, it's actually a Kathy van Zeeland clutch my sister gave me but it's the same shape and style as a wallet so that's how I use it. Then on days when I'm dressing up and the pattern matches the outfit I just carry that!


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