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My Garment Rack Display

Garment Rack Display | Style Through Her Eyes

Garment Rack Display | Style Through Her Eyes

Garment Rack Display | Style Through Her Eyes

Garment Rack Display | Style Through Her Eyes

Garment Rack Display | Style Through Her Eyes

Garment Rack Display | Style Through Her Eyes

Aren't they beautiful? My husband surprised me on Christmas day with the garment rack I've been talking about from Bed Bath and Beyond and my family purchased the scarf hangers for me I talked about in this post. I have room in my closet for all these pretty things but I've been wanting to display some pieces in our room for a while now. I love the way it looks!


1) Olivia & Joy bag from T.J. Maxx
2) New black blazer from H&M (Soon to be seen in an outfit post)
3) Lace Dress from Forever 21
4) Another lace dress from American Eagle Outfitters
5) Hoodie from Missoni for Target
6) Bag from OUFI London

I didn't realize until today that the bottom of the rack is the perfect place to keep a few pairs of shoes. I also added a little basket organizer which has random things inside like sunnies, berets, and even some smaller scarves. It's a little messy but just think of it as a junk drawer. Only substitute "junk" with "treasures".

The garment rack was easy to put together (I know because I did it and never do these kinds of things) but it's not the most durable creation. My husband had to secure some of the pieces for me since they just connect together without any screws or what not. So far I've moved it around and have added quite a few items (as you can see) and it's held up just fine. There are also wheels you can add to it and the height and width of the rack is adjustable as well. It seems like it'll do just fine.

You can purchase this garment rack for $19.99 here.


1) Black infinity scarf from Forever 21
2) Pin-striped green/blue scarf from American Eagle Outfitters
3) White infinity fringe scarf from Forever 21
4) Red leopard-print scarf from Cotton On
5) White infinity crocheted scarf from Harvester Products
6) Floral scarf from American Eagle Oufitters
7) Silver belt from T.J. Maxx
8) Leopard print belt from Forever 21

I love that it's a set of two (the other is in my closet which is also filled) and how they have tiny hooks for your belts! It's such a stylish and easy way to organize your accessories.

You can purchase this pack of scarf hangers for $9.99 here.

I know everyone is probably curious about the items on my hope chest next to the rack. I often change the decorations around but right now I have a few pillows (the tiny one says "Royal Stuff"), a crocheted cupcake from my mom, an Alice and Belle doll and a stack of recent fashion magazines with the bouquet from my wedding on top.

So there's a peek at some of the special gifts I received from Christmas. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season! What kinds of fashionable items did you receive?



Heidi said...

Nice clothing rack!

Melanie Alexandra said...

I love garment racks! My dorm room only came with 2 closets for 3 people so I gladly opted for a garment rack. I had to buy a commercial one to be be able to handle every thing I own, though. I'm gonna do a post with what I got shortly, but it was basically sweaters, skirts, a pair of shoes, and my phone.


Anonymous said...

Fun, fun! What a great way to set up your clothes. Really cute Missoni sweater, btw.

<3 Cambria

Casee Marie said...

Aww, you got your garment rack!! So cute. It looks like the one we have - I think I told you we were using them to hang some clothes in our temporary living craziness? It would be a lot nicer to use for display than to be the only functioning closet, for sure. Ours had too much weight on it and eventually it started shifting, falling one way or the other. Oh and I love your scarf hangers! That's a brilliant idea, and I love the functionality with the belts.

Totally unrelated to fashion, but I got a BluRay player for Christmas! I knew you'd share my excitement. Now I need to start getting BluRay discs to play in it!


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