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Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment

Back in January as I was standing in line at my nearest Sephora, I noticed a chapstick I was unfamiliar with called Fresh Sugar. I thought $22.50 sounded quite pricey and decided to look into the product before I bought it. Little did I know I'd be walking out of the store with two miniature versions as a gift for my birthday just for being part of the Beauty Insider (their rewards program). Inside the box included the original treatment and a lovely tinted shade. They feel like silk on your lips and are definitely the softest chapsticks I have come across thus far. Here's how Sephora describes it:

"A hydrating treatment that nourishes, protects, and plumps the lips.

Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15 blends reparative oils and waxes with real sugar, a natural humectant, for delectable and dependable moisture. Sweet and tart black currant oil, rich in plumping essential fatty acids, cushions the lips while antioxidant grapeseed polyphenols and vitamins A, C, and E provide protection from wrinkle-causing free radicals. It also provides essential, year-round protection from damaging UV rays.

In the photo above I am wearing Honey Tint, a lovely natural looking shade. I love being able to take care of my lips and have some color all in one! I also like using the original (colorless) treatment under lipstick as my lips tend to get chapped everyday. It really helps!

Tell me, have you heard of these lip treatments before? Which are your favorite go-to chapsticks and which do you find that work the best?


Britta Kirk said...

I've been wondering about this lip conditioner! Thanks for this awesome review, I'm going to try it out!

Gabrielle said...

Ooh I need to try this! I love the color of the Honey Tint. My lips like to get chapped as well. Thanks for sharing this!

The Jones said...

I've always loved Clinique's lip gloss...it stays on so nicely and seemed to really hydrate. That tint is perfect for your skin!

<3 cambria

Boho Vanity said...

this looks really nice, i've heard great things about 'fresh' :) xx
My Blog: Boho Vanity

Kristin said...

I'm addicted to Fresh balm! In fact, mine is on its last legs...Time for a replacement!

Karen said...

I've tried so many different chapsticks but the one that I go back to time and again is from the drugstore: Addax Hycalia for extreme conditions and extremely dry lips. It is beyond awesome.

Fashion Tales.... said...

I like balms like these! I have not tried this one, but love my Clarins lip balm.

Jamillah said...

Oh Fresh is by far one of my faves. I worked next door to a Fresh store in college and got so smitten w them. My go to right now though is Tarte's all naturals, I just tried it 2 weeks ago and I'm not wearing anything else lately.

Melanie Alexandra said...

Ooh! I just saw this post! I got them from Sephora for my birthday, too, and i'm in love witht hem! They tinted one is definitely an upgradet o my usual cherry chapstick. And they smell great, too! Lovelovelove them!! Not sure if I'd buy them on my own though.



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