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My AEO Adventures Continue

(Outtake from my Guest Post at the AEO Blog)

(Half of the AE Team)

About two weeks ago my store, American Eagle Oufitters, closed. The few days before the last day we were open were extremely difficult. It didn't feel real but seeing everything being shipped away and our store becoming bare made it real, ...and it hurt. I think that is probably why I didn't share the news with you. I haven't really talked about it with anyone besides my family and co-workers. And oh how I miss working (and laughing) with them. Never before have I worked with such an amazing group of people. We all got along so well and working together to meet customer's needs was so fulfilling. The good news is, I get to continue my adventures with the company! That's right, I was offered a position at another location just yesterday! I'm scheduled to start in just two weeks. I'm so thankful and excited!

However, with the excitement comes nervousness. I realized the other day that I stress and become rather indecisive when circumstances change in my life. I question myself constantly and I look at all my options one too many times. With this transfer I have the opportunity to get more hours which meant turning in my two weeks' notice at Forever 21. My manager completely understood and everything ended on a good note which I'm very grateful for. Even with all this "good" happening I still wonder and worry about the choices I've made. But, I made my move and now I get to see what happens. It's in God's hands and I know that I need to trust Him.

Is there something in your life that you feel you could worry a lot less about? Let's be reminded of this verse together:

"Cast all your anxiety on Him because he cares for you." - 1 Peter 5:7

God is bigger than our anxieties and will gladly take care of them for us if we allow Him to.



Anonymous said...

I'm very sorry to hear that you had to part ways with those coworkers and that location, I know how sad that is, I've done the same thing :( But I'm glad you were offered another job with AE, that's great! You must be good at what you do! Thanks for sharing the uplifting Bible verse...yesterday the hubby & I got some very, very disheartening and life-altering news so it was good timing for me :)

<3 Cambria

Heidi said...

I am sorry to hear that your location closed but at least you were offered a position at another location! You should be thankful for that. :)


I am actually surprised that you were allowed to work at both F21 and AEO. How nice of your bosses to understand that you needed both jobs, and then again understand when you had to leave one! It seems like things are working out for you, but I understand feeling anxious about changes and the future. You'll be completely fine, doll, and we'll be here to read about it all. :) Love you, girl.

Casee Marie said...

Aww, I'm so glad you were offered the job at the other AEO location! (Of course, as far as I was concerned there was no way you wouldn't get it!) I think it'll take you to great places, and even when things make us nervous we always have to remember that everything happens for a reason, right? Best of luck with it, Jen! From what you've said it won't be able to fully replace your previous working experience with AEO, but I hope you have fun with it! xo

Jamillah said...

Oh Jen, I'm so sorry that your store closed. I'm sure it's been a trying time. Trust in yourself too, friend. Things will always work out and sometimes the saddest moments turn into beautiful opportunity. I'm one of those people who look at the options too many times too and I've had to learn to just know that I made the best decision I could. You'll be just fine, Jen.

Melanie Alexandra said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your store closing! I know you loved working there very much! However, I know your new store will bring you new opportunities and I'm wishing you the best!

It was in God's plan for you to be able to move on to bigger and better things! Don't forget that! God guided you through your decisions and no matter what, they're the right ones because you will do nothing but grow from them.



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