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Nail Design Pen

Last month I picked up this Sephora by OPI Nail Design Pen (in "Do I A-Muse You?") on sale for $5 at Sephora. I finally decided to try and use it today. Although this particular color would've looked better on a darker nail polish I think it still came out cute for a first try (even though my lines aren't completely solid or even). I attempted creating the same design on my other hand multiple times but failed miserably. My left hand wouldn't stop shaking! This might be a fun project to do with a family member or friend that way you both get better nail art results!

If you're interested, these pens are still on sale here at Sephora.com in a handful of shades.

Have you ever tried using a nail design pen before?


Boho Vanity said...

i always have trouble with my opposite hand too! xx

My Blog: Boho Vanity

Heidi said...

Sounds like a great product but I just use nail polish lol

Melanie Alexandra said...

Very pretty! I love those two colors together! It reminds me of a latte, hahaha. I've never used a nail pen because I'd probably need to double up on all the colors I already own which would be too much, haha. I've been wanting to try out fine details, though....I'm thinking of just using a fine paint brush.

Anonymous said...

Loooving the cute stripes! I can never do my nails on the left hand though...

<3 Cambria

Anna @ IHOD said...

Oh the endless possibilities! :)


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