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My Sunglasses Collection

My Sunglasses Collection | Style Through Her Eyes

My Sunglasses Collection | Style Through Her Eyes

My Sunglasses Collection | Style Through Her Eyes

Jenmarie's Sunnies
1) - H&M
2) - Rampage at T.J. Maxx
3) - Forever 21
4) - Forever 21
5) - American Eagle Outfitters
6) - Cotton On
7) - Wal-Mart

This is my lovely little collection of sunglasses. There aren't any big designer pieces in this group but one day there might be. Afterall, I came really close to purchasing some great shades (Fendi and House of Harlow to be exact) at Marshalls one time. But we won't talk about that because it was a sad day with nothing brought home. Anyhow, these sunglasses have done their job and have lasted me a long time and were all under $15. You can't really beat that!

My Sunglasses Collection | Style Through Her Eyes

When shopping for sunglasses you want to make sure they fit you right and feel comfortable. Don't buy a pair when you know they're not going to work but love how cute there are, especially if they are a designer brand. If headaches or large red marks on your nose come with the price, it's not worth it.



You also want to make sure you have a good case to protect them from any scratches from sharp objects they may be exposed to in your purse. Your case may get damaged but it's a good thing! Those imperfections might have been on your sunnies rather than it's protector!


Cleaning your sunglasses with a good cleaning wipe is always a good idea. Using your shirt or random soft blanket won't do the trick forever. I picked these up at Wal-Mart. It comes with 50 cleaning wipes that are all individually packaged. One wipe easily cleaned all my sunglasses. I also use it for my prescription glasses and laptop.

Lastly, you want to have a good place to keep your sunglasses. I love Casee's idea on a post she wrote here on the blog back in May. I'm still in the process of figuring out how I want to display mine so that's why I don't have a picture. But I promise to post one once I've made up my mind!

What does your collection look like? Do you keep them safe from harm in a case? How do you keep them clean? What fun ideas do you have for displaying them?


Karen said...

Ooh I love that hot pink Wall-Mart case. I need a new case for my sunglasses. For me a case is paramount also because I put my little contact-lens holder in there and my glasses.

Heidi said...

Nice collection of sunglasses and I would of never guessed that case is from Wal-Mart! LOL

I have about 5 pairs but I only really wear one...haha


Such a cute collection! The center column is my fave. :) I love the variety of shapes. I want to post my own collection now! And I'm glad you get my humor, hee.

Casee Marie said...

Love your sunnies! I used to have a penchant for buying them anywhere from TJ Maxx to Manhattan street vendors. As a result, I have more than I need a lot that I ought to get rid of. I keep my Miu Mius in a big case, my everyday ones on the hanger (as you know), and the extras are in a drawer. I definitely need to do an overhaul!

Stacy said...

Awesome... I wanna get all of them

The Jones said...

HUGE fan of those cute cat eye sunglasses...bet they're adorable on you!

<3 cambria


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