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Feeling Feathery

Because I haven't yet shared my new haircut you don't get to see very much of my face in this post. I'd much rather you focus on one of my newest accessories anyways. I've been eyeing the feather hair-clips for a few months now and finally decided to pick this one up from American Eagle Outfitters. This piece, to me, appeared more unique and better made than others I've come across. I especially love the soft colors and all the added details like the pieces of faux leather and striped and polka dotted feathers.

I like to take a section of my hair from the side and lift it up to place the clip underneath. That way, you don't have to walk around with an odd silver clip on the side of your head. Doing this will also make it look more blended with your hair and like it's coming from the roots.

You can find more of these feather hair-clips on the American Eagle Outfitters and Charlotte Russe websites.

Have you tried this fun hair accessory yet? If not, do you think you'd go for more natural or bright colors?



Casee Marie said...

Oh, pretty! I wish I could wear feather extensions, but my hair is so heavy that I'd likely demolish it in one wear, not to mention that it could get lost in my mess of frizz. I do have feather earrings, though! I love them, they're brown with little gold strands in them. Even those I can't really wear with my hair down because my hair pulls the fibers on the feather apart and makes it look...really cheap, I guess? But when I wear my hair up they work fine!


So pretty! I'm definitely more into the natural look, otherwise we may start looking like Ke$ha.

Ashley said...

Love the feather!! It's perfect with your hair!

At Disney, we went on so many rides! We were on Space Mountain, Star Tours, Finding Nemo, Teacups, Mark Twain's Riverboat, another mountain ride but not Splash Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean. I can't believe how many more things we need to see!

The Jones said...

Sooooooooo nifty! I was trying to think of a more permanent way to have a feather accent for my hair without it being a headband or an expensive salon ordeal. Gotta try this!

<3 Cambria

Melanie Alexandra said...

Love this on you, Jen! The feathers are so pretty! I never see these with so much variety....you found a really nice one!



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