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Playing Dress-up

Walking around the house in fancy dresses, heels and even shawls and aprons while creating my own story as a Disney Princess or another favorite childhood character was one of my favorite things to do. TV shows like I Love Lucy or Little House on the Prairie and one of my favorite movies, Little Women, greatly inspired my dress-up time. Even though I never wore any of it out of the house it definitely had a part in molding my style and fashion sense I have today. I'm sure the Princesses had a great impact on my love of feminine detailing. I also wouldn't be surprised if characters like Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty or Princess Leia from Star Wars are part of the reason I love pieces that make a statement.

When I found this quote I realized many of us still play dress-up. We mix and match before we create an outfit we feel good in and we walk out feeling like royalty or the heroine who could take on anything that got in our way.

Who did you pretend to be during your dress-up time? Do you think characters from your favorite TV shows or movies had a part in the shaping of your style?



Heidi said...

I think growing up watching Disney movies made me want to dress more girly or feminine. Over the years with TV and celebrities I have wanted to be more glamorous. I loved playing dress up as a kid- it was one of my favorite things to do!

Casee Marie said...

Love that quote! Lucy was probably my very first style icon. I think the film that most influenced me - embarrassing as it may be - was Grease. My aunt got my sister, cousin and I watching it when we were incredibly young and we would pick characters to be. I was always Marty Maraschino, but I think Frenchy had the best style!

Anonymous said...

Oh my word...I'm like you, but worse!

I definitely played dress up all day every day, and in public too! I convinced my mom to sew me a series of skirts and jumpers in calico fabrics of every colour, and dressed like my favourite book characters when I went to school, church, shopping, you name it! I even had a couple old bridesmaids dresses for special occasions, and a little Queen of Hearts satin dress and cape that I particularly loved :)

<3 Cambria

Jamillah said...

Oh I love this! Something about wearing my apron when I cook makes me feel like a lady as terrible and archaic as it sounds. But I actually think we have an opportunity to play everyday and that is the greatest thing about fashion.


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