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Healthy Chicken Salad

Healthy Chicken Salad | Style Through Her Eyes

Healthy Chicken Salad | Style Through Her Eyes

Healthy Chicken Salad | Style Through Her Eyes

What We Ate:

Cut-up chicken breast with no preservatives or added hormones, organic grape tomatoes, organic baby spinach, fat free seasoned croutons and creamy cilantro dressing with no preservatives.

Last June I talked a little bit about a different way of Feeling Beautiful by living a healthy lifestyle. After doing some walking and running with Jason tonight I was in the middle of making this yummy salad and asked him to bring me my camera. I hadn't planned to share this with you but I thought it'd be something fun and different to do here on SHE. Afterall, this is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog.

Everything except for the croutons (which I found at Wal-Mart) come from Fresh and Easy. I love their food and their prices!

Jason and I enjoy making smart food choices. Sure, we enjoy eating out from time to time but as we have made this change in our daily eating habits we actually hardly crave the foods we used to eat. We have educated ourselves on food to know a fair amount of what is and isn't good for us and more often than not we'd rather eat in the comfort of our own home where we know what exactly is going in to our bodies. We are what we eat after all!

Do you struggle with making bad food choices? Don't worry, being aware of it is a good thing! Start writing down what you eat each day and look back on it to reflect on what you could begin to substitute with that pastry you eat regularly for breakfast (try some organic yogurt with a little granola and chopped fruit!) or those potato chips on your lunch break (organic celery and all natural peanut butter is a great alternative!). Get yourself motivated!



Stacy said...

Such a nice post
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La Lola said...

Ahh I love this! Keep posting like this. I try to say my blog is lifestyle too so I can include random bits that make me happy and might inspire others. This inspired me :)
PS- Gonna go read the post you linked to!


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