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Fashion Finds: 3 Things

I recently created a board on Pinterest to keep track of the items I'm interested in or just plain need. I'm sure the list will grow as I continue to find treasures while online shopping but for now these are the few items currently featured.

1) I love cat eye sunglasses, especially when their shape is over dramatic like this pair from 80's Purple. I'm not sure I'll order them as I tend to like trying most things on before buying them, but at least they'll remind me to find a pair!

2) This necklace from Zara screams my name. I wonder if it looks just as amazing on?

3) I love that you can find colors from previous collections of Essie on Amazon. Sometime I'm going to get around to ordering "Shine of the Times". It's such an enchanting shade!

What sort of things are you currently in love with?


Despina T. said...

love the sunglasses!they are so diva style!!!beautiful choices.

Heidi said...

That necklace is awesome! It must be amazing on. I have a hard time adapting to a cat eye- maybe it doesn't suit my face shape or something. :(

The Jones said...

The cat eye sunglasses are on my list too!

<3 Cambria

Clara Turbay said...

love the colors and designs!


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