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Fashion Finds: Summer Scarves

Scarves are one of my absolute favorite accessories. I love that they can be worn throughout each season and I'm here to show you some cooler options for Summer, which is literally right around the corner! Thin and lighter colored scarves are obviously the best way to go and are often great for helping keep your neck cool and protecting you from the sun.

(From left to right)

The first scarf I found is a hot pink chiffon number with blocky orange outlines from Anthropologie. It's on sale for $19.95. The bright colors are perfect for the season and chiffon is as light as you can get. A scarf like this one is definitely a good choice!

The second one is a beautiful beaded scarf from Zara for $19.90. This would absolutely keep you from feeling any warmer as it's entirely made out of beads. It could also easily be styled with a dressier outfit!

This next scarf is from H&M. Floral is still highly sought after and this particular scarf would look great with a basic top. The breezy colors are gorgeous aren't they? You can't go wrong with an option like this especially at $6.95.

Lastly, I found this great floral and polka dot scarf for $9.50 at Charlotte Russe. I've been seeing these popular prints mixed together lately and I love it! I'd recommend an infinity scarf like this one for a cooler Summer night, perhaps at the beach.

Which scarf is your favorite? How would you style it?


Ashley said...

I now love scarves in the summer. I can't wear them back home in Alabama because it is way too hot and humid, but I love that I can here in California. Great post!

Emmy said...

I love that one you picked from H&M! And yes...scarves are not just for the colder weather:)

Anna @ IHOD said...

I just got a few scarves from deloom.com:) I can't get enough! Great for every season. Loving that HM one! :)

GvN said...

I love summer scarves! But I have the feeling that this year they are not so in trend anymore... :(


Heidi said...

I am not too big of a scarf person since I always feel it gets in the way of doing things...LOL. I have heard that scarves can be used as a belt and I might have to try that sometime. :)


I'm all about scarves, all year long! The one from H&M is my fave!

Sonya said...

These are all beautiful! Have you seen the scarves from Shimmer & Bliss? They are perfect for summer, being light as air, and great for swim wraps or cool summer nights. http://store.shimmerandbliss.com/ A little more pricey than the ones featured, but definitely worth it!

Casee Marie said...

These are such cute options. I don't typically wear scarves in the summer because it just gets too hot (forgot to add in my comment on your other post that I COMPLETELY AGREE, summer's my least favorite). Lately here we've had more fall-like weather which has been nice, so I've been enjoying my scarves while I can before it gets to be too much. But I do still wear them in the summer as tops, skirts, dresses, etc. They just get to be too warm around my neck! (:


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