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Vlog: What's in my bag?

I've shared a little "thank you" video that was less than a minute long on SHE's two year blogiversary but I wouldn't consider it my first vlog. This one here is about seven minutes and I even edited it with Windows Movie Maker (a program I've never used before, so don't be too hard on me!). I'm aware that it's no where near professional and I act quite silly throughout most of the video but it was fun doing it and I hope you all enjoy getting to see whats in my bag. I do have to say that my cell phone and planner are usually inside but I was using both prior to the video. Most days you can also find a water bottle, snack and maybe even a light cardigan inside too.

Have you done a video like this before? I'd love to see!


BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

I need to tell my mama about the TJ Maxx rewards card. She's there like every week!

Anonymous said...

Happy two-year-iversary! Glad you're blogging it up :)

<3 Cambria

Anonymous said...

Cute video, Jen! I love your keychain and wallet. I don't know about ever doing a vlog, but good for you for doing one officially! :)


I had almost forgotten how adorable your voice is! I hope life is treating you well, sweetie. I miss you!

Ashley said...

Love it!! I carry vitamins, too, but I use a tube from Burt's Bees that the lip gloss came in. It does something funky to my chewable vitamins, like dries it out, so I need a case like yours! Lovely video!

Casee Marie said...

Hee, finally getting to see this! (Also, I'm sorry I've probably been spamming up your inbox with comment notifications - trying to catch up!) You're seriously like a real-life Disney princess with that voice, so cute.

I've always wanted to do some sort of post about what's in my bag, but it would literally be the most boring thing ever. I never have anything interesting! I loved seeing all your little things.

Oh, and love your nails! I have the zebra prints too, but I haven't used them yet.


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