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Candie's Thong Sandals

(Taken with my mom's iPhone via Instagram)

(Image courtesy of Kohl's.com)

The other night I did some shopping at multiple stores including Kohl's and came upon these beauties by Candie's. They were originally $54.99 and I got them for about $25.00. It's a very rare occasion when I find a shoe that fits right and is comfortable enough for me to wear. You see, I have bad feet so whenever I have the time I'll try on shoes here and there and if they work out, they come home with me. I always ask whoever is ringing me up if I can wear them around inside to be sure it's a good fit. Most of the time their answer is something like "As long as they don't look worn and you keep the recept." I have had too many shoes that are falling apart and now that I found these, there is one less pair I have to worry about!

Indeed, they are flat but not as flat as others I have tried. I wore them for one full day and so far, so good! The straps are also quite comfortable and I appreciate that there's a little extra cushioning. There couldn't be a more perfect and fancy sandal that I know will go with everything this Summer. Even my dad noticed them, which was surprising. He said "They're so sparkly and expensive looking, like something Elizabeth Taylor would've worn.". I couldn't help but smile! These are definitely a keeper and you'll be seeing them in an outfit post soon enough!

What do you think of my new sparkly friends? Do you currently need some new shoes? Have you tried looking at Kohl's?


Cheryl van den Berg said...

They look even better on your feet than in the stock photo...and for a great deal as well!

Despina T. said...

they look so beautiful.great choice!

Karen said...

Those look great. Now I want a pair for myself!

Heidi said...

Such cute sandals. I just bought a pair of sandals from Target that I like. :)

Giovanna said...

Great find! Loving those sandals!

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Your dad is adorable. Seriously, what man references Elizabeth Taylor? Awesome! And these are gorgeous. I need some fancy sandals for summer :)

Casee Marie said...

These are so cute, and I totally wish I could wear them but for some reason thong sandals just never work for me - my feet are a bit wide so it never fails that I find myself walking half off the shoe. It's so weird. But I love looking at them all the same, and they look lovely on you! ;)

Bella Q said...

shiny AND blingy! Now THAT's a sandal!


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