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Outfit Outtakes

(Sibling Photoshoot)

(Turquoise Tales)

(The Jasons)


(That Holiday Dress)

Not every picture makes the cut. I came upon these few this morning and thought I'd share them. It definitely takes time in choosing the best photos to create your desired outfit entry. Sometimes the lighting is off, an accesory will be out of place or the expression on your face isn't quite what you wanted. I think it'd be fun at some point to do comparisons between a photo I chose and a photo I left out and why but I'd like to know if it interests you first! Below each photo you'll find the link to the original post.

Now, excuse me while I continue packing for Vegas. I won't be around much over the next few days but you can expect some great photos when I return!

You can find these and more outfit outttakes here.



For these being 'outtakes' you look pretty freakin' adorable! Have fun in Vegas -- I'm going myself in a week! :)

Casee Marie said...

^ Ha, totally agree with Steph. Your outtakes are too cute. Most of the time for me I look the same in all of my pictures so nothing that doesn't end up on the blog is really worth sharing. (Does that make sense?) But I always love seeing the "behind the scenes" element from other bloggers! It's a reminder that blogging is very much made up of hard work and creative passion, you know?


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