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Summer Snacks: Dreyer's Fruit Bars

I'm back with another "lifestyle" post centering around a yummy and very refreshing snack. If you didn't get to see the healthy chicken salad my husband and I ate a couple of months ago, you can see it here.

I've been purchasing these Dreyer's Fruit Bars for almost four years. I have found them at both Vons and Fresh and Easy and I'm sure they're available for purchasing at other grocery stores too. They are quite flavorful and at only 25 calories per fruit bar, you really can't go wrong. For those wondering, they also contain 1-2 grams of natural sugar and 6 grams of carbs. I love to eat these anytime throughout the year but my husband and I especially appreciate them on warmer days. We love their frozen juicy-ness!

If you like to keep cool with popsicles or even ice cream during the Summer, you will love and appreciate this healthier option!

What other healthy Summer snacks do you like?


Fashion Tales.... said...

I have not tried these, but it sounds like I could eat these since there's no added sugar. :) I love fresh treats, sometimes freeze fresh berries with drops of agave!

Heidi said...

I haven't tried these but they look delicious! We love eating the Skinny Cow Ice Cream bars. Only 140 calories for the ice cream bar- not bad! :)

Reyna @fashionmist♥ said...

Sounds delish! xx

mckenzietruman said...

Wow, only 25 calories?! Sounds good, I'm getting those!

Casee Marie said...

Oh gosh, my mom and I love these! It's funny, out here the brand is called Edy's instead - it's the exact same packaging and everything, just a different name. We get the version with sugar so they have slightly more calories, but they're still a great option. And I second Heidi on the Skinny Cow bars, those are so good. (:


At 25 calories each, I don't think I could pass these up. They definitely don't compare to my sugary froyo obsession, but I'll have to try them for sure!


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