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What They Say | Style Through Her Eyes
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Many people have a mindset of the things you should be doing at this time in your life. They have this perfect idea of when you should have a girlfriend/boyfriend, when you should get married and when you should have kids. They ask what college you're going to or if you've already gone. They make comments about your current job like it’s not good enough. College seems to be the answer for everything these days, like it's the only way to get anywhere in life. I'm not speaking negatively about college. I just believe that it's for some people, not everyone.

Because of their comments and judgments we can find ourselves questioning where we are at in life and if we've accomplished anything worthwhile. These thoughts in our head can lead us to depression and negativity and make us feel constantly pressured. It’s so important that we don’t let what they say get to us because it can steer us off track into a terrible dark hole.

Maybe you don't have the job you'd like to have but you're working towards it and that’s great! Maybe you feel stuck, like you're too old to do this or that. That’s the world telling you those lies! You're never too old to make changes in your life and go after a dream! Not everyone gets their first car or moves out after they graduate, not everyone marries their best friend in their twenties and not everyone goes to school to become a nurse. Those are all great accomplishments but they’re not everyone’s. We all have different stories to be told.

God made us all so unique and if we did things the way the world expects us to in a certain order and at a certain time how boring would that be? The world, although as dark as it has become, would have a lot less color in it. So please, flush those negative thoughts and feelings out as often as you need to because the world needs your color, your beautiful life. :)


Karen said...

This is such a wonderful post. Thanks Jen!

Casee Marie said...

I can absolutely relate, Jen. Thank you for putting your thoughts out here - they're so refreshing, and so true.

We live in a great time, full of technology and wonderful opportunities that make more things possible (look at blogging, for one), but our society has also manifested itself into such a small mindset that pursuing a different life seems to get quickly knocked down as wrong - or worse, as failure to accomplish what everyone else has accomplished. It's always shocking to me how many people I come across who think life's supposed to be a rat race, that we're all supposed to be unhappy (except on the weekends). They don't realize that some people have different goals. It's always been a very difficult thing for me to deal with because I've always lived differently, I've always wanted different things. But what keeps me going is remembering what my goals are, and what I've achieved. It's about remembering that I couldn't care less about having the most expensive car parked in front of the biggest house on the street; to support myself doing something I love and to spend my time making a little life to enjoy, that's my bliss. And every time I reflect on that it readjusts my perspective.

E.E. Cummings said it best: "To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting."

Fashion Tales.... said...

I learnt a long time ago to and found it best to stop trying to compare myself to others. Sometimes what looks as if it's the "perfectly planned traditional life" on the outside is not as good as it is on the inside. If you have to take a step or two backward to achieve your goal then it's worth it. Having gratitude for another day, a roof over our head, and a job is a blessing enough. And when I think simply in this way, greater things always seem to flow abundantly in my world.

I like what you said, "You're never too old to make changes in your life and go after a dream," this is so true. Beautiful post! -xo


Such a sweet, inspiring post. As people (and especially as women) we're always comparing ourselves to others. I always feel like I'm a little behind when it comes to 'life stuff' like marriage and a 50K career. But we all have different paths, and there's nothing wrong with that. In fact, it's what makes life so exciting! Whenever I take a moment to stop thinking about my life in terms of what other people have, I feel much happier.

Ashley said...

Great thoughts, Jen! This came at a great time for me! I've been down on myself for not being where I thought I should be, and I've forgotten all of the great things that have gotten me here. Excellent post!


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