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Fashion Finds: Vanity Trays

Filigree Scroll Vanity Tray - $24

Cut Lace Vanity Tray - $24

Mosiac Catch-All Dish - $6

I enjoy browsing many online stores, including the wonderful Urban Outfitters. They have so many lovely and quirky things. Today I stumbled upon some super cute vanity trays and dishes to hold jewelry and special trinkets in a very fashionable way. I don't have anything like this to display my jewelry, but I have been thinking about purchasing one. I would have to choose pieces that won't get ruined or tarnished sitting out. The majority of my jewelry is sealed and protected in my jewelry organizer which is just the way I like it, but trays and dishes like these are so tempting...

What do you use to hold/display your jewelry?


Casee Marie said...

OMG, we seriously share a brain. I've been completely obsessed with vanity trays lately! Too much Pinterest, I think, I just keep coming across them. I've seen some great DIYs, too, like using a picture frame with a collage or wallpaper inside as a makeshift tray. I've been wanting to look for an ornate mirror, too - the mirrored trays are my favorite.

I have little vignettes on my bedside tables at the moment - on one I have a big hardcover poetry book stacked with a thinner volume and a Jane Austen journal, and a crystal jewelry holder on top; that's where I keep my everyday earrings at night. Other than that I have an organizer in my closet like you have, a white rod iron holder on the wall (I'm sure you know the one) and a little standing jewelry box that keeps the majority or my pieces. I worry about tarnishing, too, so I don't keep a lot of pieces sitting right out. But a vanity tray is a nice catch-all for other things, too, like lip balm or trinkets. I love the first one you picked here!


So cute, love the first one! I have a wooden hanger type thing... its AMAZING! http://woodlore.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Store_Code=woodlore&Category_Code=Tie-and-Belt-Hangers

Anna @ IHOD said...

Love these Jen! As you know, I always love to see jewelry display options. Dishes are great for rings and earrings:)


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