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Layered Necklaces

(Wearing: Cookie Lee & H&M necklaces, Urban Outfitters Tank)

I feel that when I used to sell Cookie Lee jewelry years ago I would layer my necklaces a lot more often than I do now. In fact, I regularly seem to choose something like one bold necklace, a strand of pearls, or a thin long chain with a pendant at the end. This morning I was playing around with some different pieces and I thought to myself "Maybe I'll start layering here and there...". I especially like the idea of multiple long necklaces or even a few chunky necklaces. I found some great examples which I happened to Pin on my Fashion board, here. If you need some inspiration, definitely take a look!

Do you like to layer your necklaces?


Fashion Tales said...

Yes I enjoy layering jewellery, and often do. But, I also like simplicity as well. The necklaces here are nice, I love the circular silver style!

Marissa said...

Every time I've tried to layer necklaces, they've been too close in length. I need to get myself some longer ones!

Angela Alvin said...
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Angela Alvin said...

love the brown, tan, and black necklace, so pretty! Your fashion and DIY posts are so inspiring!
Also, I wanted to let you know I tagged you in a game of blog tag! There is no obligation to join in, I just really love your blog and wanted to share it with others! You can check out the rules on my blog and if you want to play along that would be great!
Layered Necklaces


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