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The more scarves the better!

What I Wore:

V-Neck: Forever 21
Skirt: Years ago from Target
Scarf: Charlotte Russe
Belt: T.J. Maxx
Necklace: Gifted
Fan: Gifted
Leather Satchel: OUFI London

It's rather funny how this week has been the most humid of the Summer and yet while shopping I find that all the Summer clothing and accessories are being clearanced to make room for the Fall pieces, and some of them have already made their way out onto the floor! Seasons and Holidays are always being forced upon us, but Fall and Winter I cannot wait for! It means more layering and lots of scarves! Speaking of which...

I have continued to wear scarves from time to time this Summer (because I simply can't part with them) and even picked up a new one about a month ago from Charlotte Russe. All of their scarves were $5! I was drawn to this infinity scarf for it's coral color and mix of floral and speckled animal-like print. It's so pretty and really light!

What great deals have you found lately? Any scarves in that mix? Are you planning on shopping any of the Summer clearance near you?


Heidi said...

I definitely plan on shopping the summer clearance because here in Florida it's still hot till October or so I have heard. I am going to miss wearing fall/winter clothing! Scarves would be nice though on a nice chilly morning. :)

Melanie Alexandra said...

You and your scarves, missy ;)

Cute, cute look! Love your maxi. The outfit has the perfect simplicity to match the print on the scarf!



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